September 17, 2021

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Offline Data Entry Jobs with free registration

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To get even the simplest office-job, employers ask you to provide your resume. They look for a person with the most experience, knowledge, and skill. People, who do not have these qualities, find it hard to get any work in today’s struggling economy; no wonder jobless rate all over the world is crawling up. A huge number of individuals, especially the ones living in third world countries, cannot even apply for an office-job because they do not have any educational credentials to show. The literacy rate in nations like India, Pakistan, Nigeria, etc. is very low. Large portion of the popularity remains uneducated and hence struggle to get even the lowest paying jobs. This makes it hard to earn a decent or any income at all.

Data entry jobs to the rescue!

Internet can provide solutions to just about any problem that one can think of. Internet has a lot to offer when it comes to tackling the unemployment issue. In short, internet can help the unemployed, earn money online by doing very simple data entry job.

What about the skills and experience?

Data entry work requires absolutely no experience or any special skills. The only requirements are the knowledge of using a PC, an internet connection, and knowing enough English to communicate properly with the employers.

Do you need internet 24/7?

To do offline jobs in data entry category, you only need internet to download the instructions and other material. After that, you can complete the job offline. Some jobs require you to stay online for hours. For this kind of work, you need a stable and uninterrupted internet connection.

What exactly is a data entry job?

People also refer to data entry as admin-jobs. This category contains hundreds of different kinds of projects; following are few examples:

Offline typing jobs

Without a doubt, it is the simplest data entry job that one can find online. To do this work, one usually has to type content in Microsoft Word [or similar software]. Typist reads the content from some source, and types it in a document-file. The source can be an image or a PDF file. You only need internet to download the files; you can do the actual job offline.

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Unlike typing, we need some tools to do this work; we have to use them to make small editing/changes to images. People who already know how image-editing work, can easily make good money from these jobs.

Example of a data entry job

An online employer may ask you to add watermarks to one thousand images. This job can be done manually i.e. you open each image using a software such as Adobe Fireworks and then add the watermark to each image, one by one, or you can use the same software to add the watermark to all images at once using a special built-in feature. Little experience in data entry work can help you complete these jobs a lot quicker.

Virtual assistant job

Online employers hire virtual assistants to help them with their office workload. This work is both simple and enjoyable. No matter which data entry job you choose, you can get it with ease. Making a stable and good income online is not a dream anymore.

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