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Make more money with fast typing speed
From business cards, sweepstakes, handwritten notes or questionnaires, to conversational recordings, all of this data is usually captured/recorded by machines for further processing. This task is performed by the data collectors and data entry operators. To the delight of employees, this work is often done at home; working from home sure has some perks. This makes this part-time job one of the most sought after jobs for those who are comfortable doing typing work on their keyboard.

The task areas as data collectors are different, because they depend on the templates that are to be captured. In principle, a distinction can be made in work on data collection and data entry.
Data collection work is about the more “classic” area of secondary jobs such as the collection of addresses, questionnaires, contract, and membership data.
Data entry or typing, on the other hand, is a bit more complex, because here coherent text is sometimes recorded, such as medical or legal text. The transcription of interview records in the form of dictations, interviews, and lectures are also part of this job. Last but not the least is the transcription of manuscripts.

The data that needs to be typed is either delivered on paper or as a scan and then have to be entered in the respective program, for example in a database or a spreadsheet.

Very important in this part job is that you master the 10-finger typing system. In some cases, this is even mandatory. In typing work, time means money and with the 10-finger system you can definitely save time.

In addition, as a part-time data entry operator, you should be able to handle a PC very well, master the common Microsoft Office programs, and be adequately versed in language skills in order to qualify for this kind of a part-time job.

And last but not least, the quality of data entry plays an important, if not the most important, role – this applies to both data collection and entry jobs. If you do not work carefully, you can lose your job very quickly. In general, it does not take long for Data that have not been recorded correctly to be noticed. Wrong data are worse than no data – so typos are taboo!

Working hours in this side job
The nuts and bolts of this side job is time flexibility, because usually the working hours for the data entry are flexible in agreement and you can do this work after returning from your school, college, or your full-time office job. The work load depends on the orders that you take up.
It can happen that you will have nothing to do for a few days and then will have to process a larger amount of data within a very short time, such is the nature of online freelance jobs…
Make Money: Your earning potential as a data entry operator
When entering data, the payment is usually based on per data record. The amount of earnings varies widely, depending on the size/quality of data set (e.g. with or without telephone, date of birth, e-mail address,) the quality of the template (e.g. badly readable manuscripts,) and last but not least the data entry type itself (corporate, private, domestic, or foreign data entry job.)

When entire data is collected, formatted by hand, and typed in a template, such job is usually paid on a per word basis and less often on a per page basis. Extra-charges are not uncommon, for example, when it comes to very subject-specific content or when many foreign words are used.

If call recordings are to be typed as text, they are paid per audio minute. The payment depends on the number of participants – with increasing number of earnings opportunity. Recordings are not always easy to convert into text; for example, when spoken in strong dialect or very indistinct.

Where can you find these data entry jobs?
This part-time job is extremely popular; vacancies are advertised publicly, and because of its popularity, a large number of users apply to do this work. It is best to be self-initiated and to get in touch with companies providing data entry services, these include Guru and UpWork.

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