(Last Updated On: 08/06/2017)

Whether holiday photos, pictures from the baptism, or other beautiful memories, at some point the pictures start to fade and do not show all the details anymore. Then digitizing photos is often the only way to preserve them permanently.

Digitizing photos as a source of online income
Photos are stored not only in albums, but very often also in shoe boxes. If then one has the desire to look at the old memories once again, quite often there is not much that remains of it. In the course of time, the photos lose their color, the edges pale out, and otherwise of the once so great pictures, not much is now left.

Since not everyone is able or have the necessary knowledge and the right equipment, the digitization of such old photos can be used by students very well in order to increase their monthly income while still having a lot of time to do their homework. In this way, slides, negatives and also prints can be saved, restored with the right colors and made durable without any loss of quality.

The basic equipment and the necessary knowledge
If you want to digitize photos for customers, you will not get very far without the necessary knowledge and the right basic equipment. That is why it is important that you take the time to familiarize yourself with the necessary equipment. These include a flatbed scanner, a film scanner and a good digital camera. This makes it possible for you to scan photos and images through the scanner, and then to edit them with the appropriate program on the PC. With the Photo-Scanner, you can edit old slides or take pictures/photos with a good digital camera if this is the only option.

If you do not have previous knowledge, you should first start with an easy and simple program, and practice some of your own image samples. These programs are often offered free of charge as a download, and you can then always take one step further by purchasing the “Paid Version” so that you can easily digitize and edit old images with a professional program.

Photos digitizing
Only if you have gained some good experience in this work, you can then improve/repair all the weak points in a pictures. Once you have gained knowledge about all the different types of image formats there are and when you can work properly using the right technique, only then you should offer this service to online buyers. For this purpose, you can use various forums on the Internet, which deal with the subject of photography, join freelance-boards, and you can also display ads in which you offer this service.

If you would like to show preview of your previously finished pictures/projects, then you have the option to present them on a blog/website, which you can create in just few minutes free of charge. There you can also give the customer a small insight into your work and present a before-and-after comparison.

Explain briefly the various services you offer; show them the necessary devices that you have and explain in a short how you do the work. Your blog should be easy-to-understand and it should provide a step-by-step guide about what you will do with the photos to make them digitalize or re-produce.