September 24, 2021

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Windows requires password on wakeup – How to disable it?

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Whenever my PC wakeup from standby state, it asks me to enter the password. How can I disable this feature so that I don’t have to see the password screen on every PC wakeup?


Open “Control Panel” & Left click on “Power Options.” Then click on “Change Plan Settings” > Click on “Change Advanced Power Settings.”

Double click, first on “Balanced,” then on “Require a Password on Wakeup.” Now click on “Settings.” Here you can choose “Yes” or “No” as an option. Choosing “No” disables the password feature on PC wakeup.

You can find several other techniques on the internet that you can use to accomplish the same task. These other solutions may work in Windows 7, 8, or/and 10, but the method I explained above works in all versions of Windows. It is simple yet effective way to get rid of the annoying password screen.

Unfortunately, in some situations, my proposed solution might not work; this can happen if there are conflicting settings in Windows for “Password on Wakeup” feature. At the end of this article, you can find a list of websites. They contain tons of information regarding this topic. If your Windows keep resetting the “Require a Password on Wakeup” option or if you are stuck in some other problem which is causing the password screen to show despite the fact that you have disabled this feature through the aforementioned method, then you will have to find the culprit , which is overriding settings in your Windows. There are several reasons why this can happen; you will have to search for the one that is causing this issue in your computer. Read all the information, which is included in the pages that I have linked to at the end of this article.

Following are few other methods that you can use to achieve the same goal, i.e. disable password on wakeup feature:

1. You can run the “control userpasswords2” command to open user accounts settings. Here, you can disable a password requirement option. This solution will not suit all users.
2. You can also use a “powercfg” command to disable “require password on wakeup” feature for specific user profiles.
3. In Windows 10, you can easily disable this feature in account settings.

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