September 17, 2021

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Make Millions of Dollars Playing Video Games???

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Tradition full-time employment vs. making millions of dollars by playing online video games, the facts in this case are complicated but also interesting. A traditional office job is what our society sees as being a “Normal” way to make money; jobs done on-field, such as construction work, site visits etc. come under the normal employment chain.

An office job requires an employee to work at least five days per week; it demands that the employee accomplishes certain tasks in a certain manner. In return, the job pays money; it provides a stable income to the employee. People do such jobs until they retire; this is a traditional way to live one’s life. On the other hand, some people look for adventurous and interesting ways to make money. The society currently does not seem to like such curiosity-filled ideas, but these thrill seekers don’t seem to mind what other think about them.

Nerds want to make money playing video games!

The concept of making money online by itself is the target of huge criticism; now think about what critics will say if they hear or read about people who want to make money by playing videos games. Preposterous, outrageous, and ludicrous, these words most probably will come out of critic’s mouth when they hear about us wanting to make a living by playing video games. This idea is hard to digest but it can’t change the fact that people can in fact make millions of dollars by playing video games; we actually have a name for it, it’s called eSports.

Following is a true story; forgive me if I miss any small details in the story. A boy born in Karachi, Pakistan started playing DOTA. It is an online multiplayer video game for PC. At the core, this game is WarCraft III; DOTA is basically a modified version of WarCraft III. This game gained huge success at its launch; today, DOTA 2 is one of the top played online multiplayer games in the world. Now let’s go back to our story; the boy’s name is “Syed Sumail Hassan.” He started playing this game when he was eight years old. He went to an internet-café to play the game. After realizing that he likes the game and that he needs more time to play it, he made a though decision. He sold his bicycle to raise money for purchasing a personal computer.

This decision made him rich and famous worldwide, not for selling the bicycle but it was for something he did after he got his gaming PC. After purchasing a PC, he started playing DOTA 2 for more time and at the comfort of his home. At the age of 15, he helped his team win an eSports DOTA 2 tournament. The price money his team earned was more than was one million dollars 🙂 He is now 17 years old and his gaming profile show that he has as far made approximately $1,825,000.00!

Do whatever you want to do, it’s your life!

So can you have fun and at the same time earn lots of money? Yes, nowadays you certainly can. The time you would normally spend on playing video games, you can now spend it playing online games that give you real money as well as different rewards. DOTA 2 is just one of many online games that you can play and make real money. You can play simple as well as enormous online multiplayer games.

How much money can you make?

You can make millions of dollars; off course, to do that, you must be really good at playing a specific game. You may need to practice for months before you can compete with the pros.
You can also play small fun games to make few dollars each day. There is a list of sites at the end of this article; some of these sites pay users money for playing very simple online games.

Are these games free to play?

Some games let players start for free, but inside the game, one needs armor, ammo, and weapons to increase his/her level. You can increase these levels much faster if you pay money, but you can still do it for free; it will just take more time. Some games like DOTA 2 are free to play.

Following is a list of DOTA 2 tournaments and the prize money awarded:

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