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In this two-part article-series, I would like to inform you about how you can make nice side earnings quickly and preferably without the hassle of bureaucracy. Find out what this job should be like and what opportunities are offered optimally.

Fast Money – but only if it’s safe!
Nowadays, the internet is increasingly being hit by articles and advertisements on the subject of online earnings with downright and impossibly high wages. From hundreds to thousands of dollars, these illegitimate and scam job offers promise you a lot of earning on a daily basis. Of course, every person with a tiny bit of intelligence wonders: “Why doesn’t everyone do that and get rich and why are people sharing this information in the first place?”

The answer is simple and easy to understand. Behind most of these online job offers, fraud systems and thieves are hiding. Therefore, at careerthoughts.com, we give great importance to the fact that all job opportunity and offers mentioned here are constantly checked for trust and safety.

Below you will find in the form of a short description the most interesting ways to make money quickly and safely:

Jobs in the Entertainment Industry: Extras…
No matter if it’s a TV series, a movie, or a documentary – for every film that is shot, not only actors and camera teams are needed, but also lots of extras play a role. Extras are as important and unique as every other single person running around in front of the camera.

How to earn money with this opportunity? In all parts of the country in USA, there are agencies that carry out auditions for extras and small actors. There are daily rates for the extras, which are determined according to certain guidelines. Thus, under four hours of work, the money you can earn is about $40; if it is more than four hours, then you can make $60 or even more.

Earn money quickly as a product tester
As a product tester, you can make a nice side-earnings by doing very simple testing work. Similar to the above mentioned opportunity, there are agencies that are hired by product manufactures to test and then evaluate goods & services. It may be that the participant gets a product delivered to his or her home or that he is invited to a small testing laboratory. You test a product (which of course is suitable for to your target group) and then only have to briefly explain or write down your experience with it; either in an open discussion round or in writing in paper form. Some job require you to simple fill-in a form on the Internet.
For a two-way discussion round, you can earn $50 as the compensation.

Market Research Surveys
Very similar to product testing, this is also a job where you simply share your opinion. The opinion of the general public or of certain target groups is enormously important for new marketing strategies and even for new product lines. That’s why companies commission surveys on a particular subject. Here, too, agencies make sure that the company receives a group of people that full-fills its needs.

Medical Test Subjects
In the medical industry, test subjects are indispensable. The Pharmaceuticals Act states that any medication that may be prescribed by the doctor must be tested on humans. To this end, institutes are instructed to find the appropriate subjects. In this type of study, it is the case that comparatively high fees are paid in comparison to other studies or surveys. This is due to the fact that the test subjects require a higher level of effort through clinical investigations. This earning opportunity gives you around $1,000 per test; this high pay does comes with risks as you are testing new drugs that can have long lasting negative efforts on your body/health.

Blood and Plasma donation
The donation of blood, blood plasma, and also sperm is now well-known and also in demand. Small amount of income can be generated quickly and easily with these donations.

[Note: consult health experts before joining any drug testing trial]

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