(Last Updated On: 06/07/2017)

If you want to work as a tour guide, you should know the most beautiful and important places in your city. You will show the audience a guided tour of the city and can thus offer special city tours at any time of the year.

Work as a tourist guide
If you want to work as a tour guide, then you are working in a job that is not part of the normal training professions. As a rule, any city residence who possesses the necessary knowledge, likes to be in the open nature, and also does not shy away from contact with people is capable of doing this job. If you would like to acquire some additional skills besides your own knowledge, then you can attend a course at a local college, or any other institute. Not only do you learn about culture and history, but you can also take special courses that can make you a specialist in an area such as ancient monuments.

In addition to the necessary knowledge, you should also have the ability to pass on this knowledge in an interesting way. They must not act like a teacher, but should be able to explain everything so that the visitors feel the story visually to some extend; talking skills come in handy in such situations. With each tour, you come meet with many people, so you should be open to new situations and also have fun in contact with other people. Loving your city’s weather is also a must for you, because as a city tour guide you are active at any time of the year, and always closely connected to nature.

Your tasks as tourist guide
Tourist guides know their surroundings very well and know everything a tour guide needs to know. In short, you can move with your eyes closed to different important regions. Precisely because of this, you will be able to explain everything to the tourists in an easy-to-understand, yet exciting way. You may also have to answer the same questions over and over again; and again and again convey the same knowledge. It is important that you are not frustrated by hearing the same questions hundred times in a day. It is important that you put together special tour offers. Your tourists should find the information you convey to them, interesting; something that they can make sense from.

Plan the guided tours so that you can reach the highlight of the tour in the end. Bring small anecdotes or stories related to different places/object. It is especially nice if you hand over a small information booklet to each participant, so that they can look at the whole tour at home again. Finish the tour at a special place, and spend some time there in a relaxed round to start a little retrospective, and find a successful conclusion.

Finding city tour jobs
If you like, you can offer your tours on your own homepage [that is if you have a website.] There you can show a small demo of the offers, photos of already held tours, and other highlights of your services. Tourists, who then take a vacation in your region, can book you as a tour guide using your website. You also have the opportunity to apply and introduce yourself to various tour operators many of which allow tour guides to register at their website and create a personal profile.

This usually gives you exposure to regional holidaymakers and tourists, to which you can offer your work as a tour guide. Travel companies can also be helpful if they are open to hiring tour guides. On average, you can earn up to $20 per hour; you can earn a much higher wage if you charge the tours per person. Tour specials and tour groups bring in less money.