September 24, 2021

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Demand Equal Pay 4 Women – The truth about gender pay gap

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Gender pay gap is clearly a workplace discrimination against working women. It has plagued us for centuries and unfortunately, this plague is still tormenting our society. So why do women make less money for doing the same job that men do? Is it because of the choices women make in education? Compared to men, more women choose teaching as their career. This fact indeed has some contribution in the results of gender wage gap, but it alone doesn’t explain why women are making 21% less money than what their counterparts make!

In 1963, US President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act, an amendment to Fair Labor Standards Act made to abolish wage discrimination based on sex. While things have changed for the better, we are still a long way from reaching wage equality. In 1964, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act is a legislation that prohibits employers from discriminating against workers on basis of race, religion, sex, race, and color. 50 years have passed and we are yet to see wage gap disappear.

We observe Equal-Pay-Day countrywide each year; this date indicates how deep into a year an average woman has to work to get the same pay as men. When the wage gap narrows down to zero, Equal-Pay-Day would be on December 31st of the same year; ideally, this is what we hope to see in near future. Equal-Pay-Day will lose its significance once there is no wage discrimination; we can then leave these painful memories behind us and work in an environment where employers do get to set wages by looking at employers gender, age, sex, race, or color.


1. Women are currently making 21% less money than men!

Women are making less money than men do, but women contribution to family’s earning is increasing. Families are relying more and more on women, mothers in particular, to provide income their family need to live on!

Imagine how much more money families can get if women were given the same pay as men. If you do the math, you can conclude that if women starts getting equal pay, it would mean adding half billion [500,000,000] dollars to their wages! This money can help families to live a better life, eat good food, and rely less on loans/debts. Most importantly, this would bring justice to the unfair wage system in the US.

Another way to look at these stats:

There are more than 65,000,000 women working in the United States. But did you know that the average female worker earns only

79 cents for every dollar that the average male makes? It’s true. Check your state to see how women’s earnings stack up where you live:

Arm yourself with the facts!

Each year, the average woman in the United States earns

$8,060 less than the average man.

$310 is missing from the average woman’s bi-weekly paycheck. If she had that money, it would pay 16.8% of the average consumer’s expenses.

The average woman has to work an extra

3,384 days after a man has retired to equal his career earnings (assuming a 40 year career). That’s almost 10 extra years!

If all women were paid equally, it would add

$523,900,000,000 to the consumer economy each year.

How you can help

1. If you’re an employer, pay all of your employees equally.

2. If you have a job or you’re looking for a job, know what you’re worth and demand equal pay.

3. Spread the word!

Tell your friends about the pay gap.

2. Wage gap is worse for different Color and Race

Hispanic/Latina women made, on average, 46% less money compared to what white-men make. Wage gap is worse for women of different race and color; the image these stats show isn’t pretty.

3. Gender Wage Gap and Age

Gender wage gap increases with increasing age; this puts older women in a difficult position where they struggle to provide for their families and to plan, save, and prepare for retirement.

4. Fathers get bonus, but mothers get a penalty

If you are a man, having children is good for your career; the opposite is true if you are a woman. Studies show that employers are less likely to hire female employees if they have children or worse, if they are pregnant. The exact reason isn’t known, but we can assume that employers do this because they think family commitments will hold women back in effectively doing their job. However, truth is that women, with or without children, can do their job as effective as any men, if not better. Being a mother is just another reason for employers to cut-down women salary.

Fathers on the other hand make more money than men, with no children, do. Men often get a bonus or raise in salary when they become a father.

Demand Equal Pay!

You must demand equal pay if we want to eliminate gender wage gap. Do it now! You don’t need to wait for your employers to realize he hasn’t paying you a fair wage. Start negotiating. Robin Wright, who is playing a lead role as Claire Underwood in super-hit drama series “House of Cards,” told the media how she had to fight for equal pay. She demanded that she is should get the pay as her co-star Kevin Spacey. She told her bosses to do this or else she would go public on this matter. She succeeded and is now getting the same money as his male counterpart, Kevin Spacey.

Learn the art of negotiation!
Fight wage discrimination by spreading awareness about it!

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