September 24, 2021

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Hostgator: In FireFTP, What To Put In HOST Field?

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I am using shared hosting services at Hostgator and I am using Firefox add-on, FireFTP, as a FTP client to upload files to my website server. In FireFTP settings, there is a field labelled as “HOST,” what do I put in it?


In the HOST field, put the following:

Replace with your own domain name.

Different hosting companies use a variety of values for the host field. Most of them give users multiple options, or values to use in the host field. The three most common values that hosting companies support in FTP host field are following:

3. Your site’s IP [e.g 125.652.24.33]

After you purchase a hosting package, the company sends you an email that usually contains all the information about your hosting package. It also includes FTP information. Unfortunately, the email does not always provide information about all the different values that we can use in setting up a FTP connection. The FTP client that you are using may work with one, two, or all three of above given values.

FTP settings can be different if you purchase a VPS, a Dedicated Server, or some other form of hosting service. In some cases, you may also need to provide a specific/valid PORT number in your FTP client in order to connect properly over FTP.

Some hosts use or support other values too, some of which are following:


If none of the above values work, then the best course of action is to contact your hosting company. Use their Live Chat feature if they have one, else create a support ticket, and ask them to provide the FTP Host field value that you need to enter in order to connect to the FTP server via FireFTP. Following links may also help:

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