September 17, 2021

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Fitness Jobs | Careers for People who Love Fitness

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10 Jobs for People Who Love Fitness

For some people, there is nothing more rewarding than using their passion for health and fitness to inspire and motivate others to make positive changes in their lives.

When most people think about fitness jobs, they think about aerobics instructors, gym teachers, and professional athletes. And while it’s true that many people who love fitness do find work in those types of jobs, there are also many other options out there that you may not have considered before.

To help you on your path, we’ve put together a list of ten jobs that are great for people who love fitness and want to put their passions to good use. Some of these occupations require a college degree, while some of them don’t have any formal education requirements at all. So regardless of your level of education, there’s a very good chance that there’s a fitness career out there for you.

1. Athletic Trainer

Athletic trainers work with athletes to prevent, diagnose, and treat injuries. They are often employed by sports teams, and are trained to provide emergency care (like the application of bandages, braces, and tape) when a physician isn’t present. In many cases, athletic trainers set the exercise and conditioning schedules for athletes, making this a great job for people who love fitness.

2. Recreational Therapist

Recreational therapists use exercise to treat patients who are sick, injured, or disabled. For example, a recreational therapist might work with someone who has been involved in an accident to help them regain motor skills. In other cases, they use sports and exercise to help other people boost build confidence in themselves and their abilities.

3. Umpire and Referee

If you love sports but would rather enforce the rules than run around the field, then working as an umpire or referee could be a good option. In recreational sports, umpires and referees commonly work on nights and weekends, making this a good option for people who love sports and fitness and want a part time job.

4. Fitness Trainer

Fitness trainers commonly work at gyms, health clubs, and fitness centers. They most frequently lead exercise classes, and need to be in excellent shape to demonstrate the exercises and lead the group at the same time. This can be a great occupation for people who have a passion for fitness and want to use that passion to inspire others.

5. Recreation Worker

There are many types of recreation workers, each with their own set of responsibilities and expertise. Among the most popular types of recreation workers are activity specialists, camp counselors, and recreation directors. Regardless of the position, these workers are responsible for organizing, leading, and promoting activities that include sports and other athletic activities.

6. Physical Therapist

Physical therapists help people rebuild strength and mobility after they’ve suffered an injury or illness. They use stretching techniques, exercise, massage therapy, and other modalities to treat their patients. Many physical therapists choose to specialize, and may decide to work exclusively with athletes who are injured and trying to return to play.

7. Dietitian

Exercise is only one part of leading a fit and healthy lifestyle. Eating a balanced and healthy diet is another critical component of a fit lifestyle, and dietitians teach people how to use food to help them achieve their athletic or health goals. This can be a very rewarding job for people who have a passion for nutrition and want to use it to inspire positive changes in others.

8. Massage Therapist

It’s a common misconception that massage therapists do little more than help people relax. And while relaxation can be important for fitness, massage therapists also help athletes recover more quickly from injuries by treating the muscle tissue that’s causing them pain or discomfort.

9. Coach

You don’t have to work in the big leagues to work as a coach. In fact, the majority of coaching jobs are found at the youth and recreation levels. Many coaching positions are part time, and unless you’re working for a school or professional sports organization, most are unpaid. However, if you love sports and want to do whatever you can to share your passion with others, working as a coach can be a great way to do so.

10. Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists help people recover from an injury or illness that has negatively impacted their ability to work or live normally. They frequently use exercise techniques to help their patients regain strength, mobility, or independence, making this a great career for people who love fitness and want to use their knowledge to help others improve their lives.

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