November 2, 2020

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Home Appliance Repairer Job Description – How to Become a Home Appliance Repairer

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Home Appliance Repairer Job Description

Home appliance repairers repair and install household appliances like washers, dryers, ovens and refrigerators.

Some home appliance repairers work in repair shops, but many travel to their customers’ homes and perform repairs on site. Repairers can spend a huge amount of their days traveling from site to site. Though the travel can be stressful at times, it can also provide repairers with a nice mental break between jobs.

Before an appliance repairer can begin to fix a problem, they have to diagnose exactly what the problem is. Sometimes they can diagnose problems with basic hand tools, but other times they need to use specialized tools like voltmeters, wattmeters, and ammeters to identify problems with an appliance.

Once the problem is diagnosed, repairers start fixing it. Repairing or replacing motors, belts, gears, and switches are all common repairs that are performed on a regular basis. When an appliance can’t be repaired, home appliance repairers will often install a new appliance and provide instructions on its proper use.

Working as a home appliance repairer requires good customer service skills. Repairers have to be able to explain technical problems to their customers in ways that they can easily understand. Customers can also get upset when they learn that they have a serious problem that will cost a lot of money to repair, and repairers need to be able to handle those situations professionally.

This can be a very physically demanding occupation. Repairers frequently need to lift and carry heavy appliances, and they often work near electric and gas lines. Minor injuries like back strains and cuts and bruises are common.

The majority of people in this occupation work full time, and may need to work on nights and weekends to meet customer demand.

How to Become a Home Appliance Repairer

The majority of home appliance repairers are trained on the job, but most employers prefer to hire candidates who have completed a training program at a vocational or technical school. Graduates from these programs are normally more desirable, because they don’t require as much training on the job.

The amount of training required to work in this occupation varies depending on the position and the type of appliances repaired. It can take years to learn how to work with electronics and electricity, but the initial training period normally lasts only a few months.

Home appliance repairers who do warranty work normally need to go through a manufacturer approved training program before they can offer those services. These programs are normally paid for by the employer.

Since new technologies cause home appliances to change at a rapid rate, repairers need to continue to learn throughout their careers. If they don’t, they can find that their knowledge is outdated.

Home appliance repairers often need to travel to their customers’ homes to perform repairs, so a valid driver’s license and clean driving record may be required to get a job in this occupation.

Home appliance repairers who work with refrigerants need to be licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency. To become licensed, you will need to pass an exam. Many unions and trade schools offer training programs designed to help people pass the exam.

There are many certifications available to home appliance repairers. Most employers don’t require candidates to be certified, but getting a certification can help demonstrate proficiency in the field and can increase the opportunities for employment. The International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians and the Professional Services Association both offer certifications to people in this field. You can read more about the available certifications on their websites.

Employment Outlook

There are currently 47,700 home appliance repairers in the United States, with 1,190 new home appliance repairer job openings created each year.

Home Appliance Repairer jobs are not expected to see much growth beyond their current levels in the next decade.

Home Appliance Repairer Salaries

Overall Salaries

Home Appliance Repairer salaries can vary depending on your experience, the location, company, industry, and benefits provided. Nationwide, most home appliance repairers make between $27,000 – $45,500 per year, or $12.99 – $21.88 per hour.

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