March 21, 2021

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In screen-resolution window why monitor-icons have different sizes?

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In screen-resolution window, why monitor icons have different sizes? They are all attached to the same PC, so why is one bigger than the other one? Does it mean that something is wrong with my PC’s hardware or software?


In Windows 7, if you right click on desktop and choose “Screen resolution,” you can see small monitor icons under the heading “Change the appearance of your displays.” If you have four monitors attach to your PC, then you should see four icons each of which represents one of the four monitors.

Size of these icons depends on the resolution of your monitors. Monitor with the highest resolution has the biggest icon. Similarly, the smallest icon represents the monitor using the lowest resolution. If all your monitors are physically of same size but they use different resolutions, then their icons will appear in different sizes in the “Screen Resolution” window.

If all your monitors are of the same kind, that is they are of same model and make, then they should all have the same icon size. If an icon is bigger or smaller, then check resolution of each monitor; one of them might not be using the native resolution.

You should choose the MAX or native resolution for all your monitors. This is because LCDs, LEDs, and other modern slim monitor work best when you use them at their native resolution. If you decrease/change the resolution, you will get blurry screen. Image quality of LCD is best in native resolution; it becomes very poor if you change decrease/change it.

You can move these icons around to adjust the positioning of your monitors; you need to adjust them if your monitors are of different sizes. If your left monitor is smaller than the middle one and if you have bottom-aligned it’s icon with that of middle monitor, then your mouse cursor won’t enter it from some area of your primary-monitor’s top-left side. This is one of many reasons why people recommend purchasing the same LCD, LED, etc. in a multi-monitor setup.

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