September 17, 2021

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Interview Checklist for May 2017

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]Your first job interview? Sure you are nervous and want to make everything right. The better you prepare, the easier will be the interview. A checklist for the interview will provide you with an overview of what you should think before, during, and after the interview.

1. Before the interview
2. In the interview
3. After the interview

If you have received an invitation to an interview, then you have to be prepared, so that nothing goes wrong; we have summarized for you a clear checklist for the individual stages of the interview.

The pre-checklist for the interview
a. Be punctual! Make a timely arrival and organize a possible overnight accommodation.
b. Take a notepad, a working ballpoint pen, and the application documents.
c. Prepare a short self-presentation. It should take only a few minutes, be freely applied and relate to you, your qualifications, your career and the job you are looking for.
d. Research all important data and facts about the company (employee numbers, sales, products, managing directors, current press reports etc.)
e. Most of the interviews follow a certain pattern, therefore, respond to the standard questions of the staff as well as questions about strengths and weaknesses, or your motivation for the job, with friends or family.
f. Pay attention to your outfit. It should be comfortable and well-maintained and match the company’s style. Even hair, fingernails and shoes must be clean and well-groomed.

The call checklist
a. Keep your body tension-less and follow the conversation with full attention.
b. Watch your body language – Stand upright and sit straight.
c. Keep eye contact with your conversation partners.
d. Always stay polite, speak slowly and clearly.
e. Make notes during the conversation and note any questions.
f. Answer to standard questions individually; make a reference to you and the job with your answers.
g. Respond to stress questions calmly and objectively.
h. Go actively with vulnerabilities in the CV. Explain why these gaps have arisen and what you have learned from this time.
i. Ask your own questions about the job, the company, and the development possibilities.

The After checklist
a. Analyze the conversation and consider which questions you want to answer differently for the next interview. So that in the end, you are always smarter and much more ready to go for the next job hunt.
b. Do not be too impatient. Ask the company about the current state of the selection process, when the deadline has expired, to which the company wanted to report to you.

With these tips perfectly prepared for the next discussion talk, you will definitely see a positive change in your approach.

In case of cancellation
a. Do not take the rejection personally. There are often very many applicants for every single job. There is always a good dose of luck needed, but not everyone can have it.
b. Ask for the reasons for the rejection.
c. Book the cancellation under experience and learn from possible mistakes.

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