September 17, 2021

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Received an Invitation for an Interview?

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Did you just receive an invitation to an interview? This is Very Good! Your application has been fruitful! Now you need to respond quickly and correctly. We give you tips on how to best respond to an invitation and give you the advantage in further selection process.

a. When to respond to the invitation to the interview?
b. How to respond?
c. Sample response
d. How to proceed after the invitation?

If you have received an invitation to an interview in the email or mailbox, then you should be happy. Finally, it is confirmed that you have convinced your potential future employer with your application documents! But on the way to the employment contract, at least the hurdle of the interview has still to be taken. The right response to the invitation of the interview also plays a decisive role here.

When to respond to the invitation to the interview?
The most important thing is to quickly confirm the date of the invitation to the interview. In this case, the best is the same day or the next. Much later is rude! If it does happen, you should apologize. If you have an app for your emails, you will be notified immediately.

If there are no hurdles, you should accept the date suggested by the company. Should you be prevented on the proposed day from going to the interview, then there is no need to create a drama. In this case, you should ask for a replacement date and possibly make suggestions. As a rule, the company can easily set a replacement date. Some companies allow applicants to propose an appointment date.

Here, it makes sense to offer one or two dates in the proposed week. You can tell the company that you are available for interview at any time, if you are flexible in time. If this is not the case, then choose an appointment time in the morning like (10:00 am) or in the afternoon (like 3:00 pm.)

How to respond?
Your answer to the invitation influences the further selection process; you should always remember this.

The confirmation or request for the transfer of the appointment can be made by email or by telephone. If you have received the invitation to the interview by email, it makes sense to answer directly. First, it then becomes the direct contact medium with the person, usually the HR department, and secondly, an email history is created. You can understand everything later and you can show that you have answered. A good pattern for your response to the invitation to the interview can be found below.

If the invitation comes directly from the department, a telephone call provides the opportunity to ask further questions about the interview or the job. Here, however, do not ask stupid questions like “How much is the salary again?” or “What is the holiday policy in your company?” Instead, you could ask, for example, whether you should bring documents or what dress code is appropriate. In an interview at a bank or at an auditing-firm, however, you should not ask the question about the outfit, since it should be clear that the business look is appropriate here. In the case of medium-sized marketing jobs or IT jobs, like in a start-up company, the dress code can also be smart casual.

If you would like to confirm the invitation to the interview, please do not hesitate to contact them. Especially if you have a possible colleague or supervisor at the other end, a small phone relationship can also develop. So check out your application documents and take a look at the homepage of the company. Also important is to pronounce surname correctly! So listen carefully who is responding!

Sample response for the invitation of an interview
For all those who do not want to call, and are unsure, we have created an example response for an invitation.

Dear Mrs / Mr …,

Thank you for your invitation to the interview for the job [specify job title here.] I am happy to confirm the date on [date] at [time.] I look forward to meeting you personally.

Best regards

[First name Name]

What happens after the invitation to the interview?
The invitation to the interview is definitely an important step towards getting the job. Because that means that your application documents were convincing, so were your previous career and/or your acquired knowledge. In the interview itself, the point is that you, on the one hand, underline your knowledge with concrete examples and persuade them that you are a perfect fit for the job! For this, you need to prepare yourself fully for the vacancy as well as the company.

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