September 24, 2021

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Work from Home |Free Transcription Jobs 4 MBBS Doctors

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Medical and health careers are much respected, everywhere in the world. As a profession, it provides both money and satisfaction. Being a professional doctor really has its perks – for instance, they never have to implore anyone for money. As time passes, their career prosper without any stalls – it is a perfect tale of triumph and almost no pain.

There is no shortage of job opportunities for professional doctors in hospitals and each job comes with the promise of great prosperity – but if for any reason, a doctor wants to do online part-time [or even full-time] job then the internet can surely help. It might not make much sense for a professional doctor to look for online jobs because of the aforementioned reasons – however, if someone does want to make an income online then who are we to scold. 🙂

It’s ok to make money online

Online entrepreneurship haters have steadfastly insisted that earning money online is something geeks do – normal socialized people should not indulge in such practice. If you ask them to comment on what they think about a professional doctor who wants to make money online – then the response would certainly be a rude one, but who cares about their sarcastic gibberish? Do not let them short-circuit the online-income pipeline that you can create for yourself.

Making money online is a respectable income source – do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Online entrepreneurship is a choice anyone can make – a professional doctor, engineer, or any person from any other field.

Online medical transcription jobs

There is no lack of opportunities for doctors; however, in terms of job compatibility with the profession, medical transcription represents the high-water mark. This is perhaps the best job available to professional doctors, as it requires the hired hand to have the knowledge of medical terminology.

Transcription jobs require specific knowledge in general medical field. A normal person will struggle to gain such knowledge where a doctor will find it very easy to do. Doctors study medical books for years so their experience of medical terminology builds automatically. They do not need to gain it; they already have it in the bag – locked and loaded.

“Listen and Type”

Online employers provide audio-files that contain medical reports or some other information. Recorded voices are of physicians and all conversation is about something in the medical field. For an average data-entry operator, transcribing these audio-files is almost an inconceivable job. On the other hand, a doctor can do this comfortably.

Doctors can also do writing jobs. For instance, people will pay you top dollar [$25 to $100] to write blog articles. Hundreds of new article writing jobs are available online every day. The requirements are as follows:
1. Having above-average English-Writing skills
2. Proper Grammar and Punctuation usage
3. To have a good knowledge of the subject or the ability to gain it via online research

Once you start looking, you will find tons of online jobs that you, as a doctor, can do better than a person who does not have the knowledge of medical terminology. For instance, some bloggers create article-writing online job-listing where the subject is related to health, medicine, or some treatment. For writing 500 words, one can pocket up to one hundred dollars.

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