March 21, 2021

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10 Jobs for People Who Get Bored Easily

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10 Jobs for People Who Get Bored Easily

While some of us are happy going to work each day and working a regular shift where we solve the same problems over and over again, there are many people who grow bored with such a structured work schedule and need to find a career that better suits their individual interests and personality.

To find a job that will keep you from getting bored at work, you’ll need to assess your own personality, needs, and interests. Do you need to keep moving? Do you need to face new challenges on a regular basis? Do you need to feel small (but regular) feelings of accomplishment? Answering those questions will help you find the career that’s right for you.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of ten jobs that can be great for people who get bored easily at work. If you’re just not cut out for cubicle life, these jobs will keep you moving, challenged, and (hopefully) satisfied.

1. Bartender

Working as a bartender in a busy restaurant, club, or bar doesn’t leave much time for boredom. Bartenders are constantly pulled from one task to the next as customers order their food and drinks, leaving little time for them to sit around and get bored. And since drinks are normally quick to make, you only have to focus on each task for a short time before moving to the next one.

2. Hairdresser

If you’re the type of person who needs to have new challenges throughout the day to stay enthusiastic about your work, then working as a hairdresser could be a good choice for you. Hairdressers face a new challenge with each client who walks through the door. Not only do hairdressers need to have the technical precision necessary to cut and style hair, they also have to be good listeners able to interpret the needs of their clients. Each client represents a mini-project with their own challenges.

3. Police Officer

The work that police officers do isn’t always exciting (there’s nothing too thrilling about writing tickets for expired tags, for example), but it does keep you moving a lot of the time, and presents unique challenges on a regular basis. Police officers get to move regularly from task to task, so if you’re the type of person who just needs a frequent sense of accomplishment to keep from getting bored, this could be a good occupation for you.

4. Chef

Working as a chef in a busy restaurant leaves very little time for boredom. When it comes right down to it, chefs are some of the best multi-taskers out there. They have to prepare multiple dishes at once while paying attention to the details of each dish and managing the kitchen, while ensuring that service remains speedy and customers are satisfied with their food. In short, there are almost no opportunities to get bored during a shift.

5. Carpenter

Carpenters build and repair wooden structures like windows, stairways, cabinets, furniture, and frameworks for homes. One of the things that makes this a great occupation for people who get bored easily, is that each component of a project can be broken down into very small steps. This can help you feel like you’re always moving forward, which is one of the best ways to prevent boredom at work.

6. Paramedic

Paramedics respond to emergency situations where sick or injured people need to be transported to a hospital or medical facility. They work under a great deal of pressure, and have to be able to respond and react very quickly. If you need constant pressure and high stakes to keep you from getting bored at work, working as a paramedic could be a good choice for you.

7. Registered Nurse

If there’s one thing that’s true of working as a registered nurse, its that most days you’re going to stay too busy to get bored. Nurses are always on their feet, moving from patient to patient. They see many patients throughout the day, and remain busy at all times. With so much to do, this is an occupation that gives you very little opportunity to get bored.

8. Fitness Trainer

Fitness trainers lead and motivate people as they exercise. Fitness trainers are constantly moving and talking to people, making it a great career for people who get bored when they sit still or don’t interact with others. If you have a passion for fitness and nutrition and want to help others succeed, this could be a great choice for you.

9. Firefighter

If there’s one thing a firefighters job is not, its boring. Each job brings its own challenges, and if you want a job that both makes a positive difference in the world and provides you with regular rushes of adrenaline, this can be a good choice. Its true that the job isn’t always exciting, and there can be long stretches of time spent at the firehouse. But the good news is that there is plenty of work to be done there as well, from preparing and cleaning equipment, to performing regular maintenance. In short, there’s always something to be done.

10. Electrician

Electricians are responsible for building, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems. If you need to solve problems while you work to keep from getting bored, and like to move from site to site during the day, then this could be a great occupation. Electricians rarely stay in the same spot for long, and need to have excellent troubleshooting skills to solve the problems that they’re faced with each day. Because their projects can often be completed relatively quickly, electricians are able to get regular satisfaction from a job well done.

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