September 25, 2021

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10 Jobs For People Who Like to Talk A Lot

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10 Jobs for People Who Love to Talk

Some people are at their best when they’re interacting with others. If your biggest strength is your ability to speak clearly and effectively, we have good news: there are many careers out there that will let you put your talent to good use. Below, we’ve put together a list of 10 careers that could be great for people who love to talk.

1. Publicist

Publicists represent people like actors, musicians, and writers. Their job is to help promote their clients and the projects that they happen to be working on. Did you ever watch a late night talk show and wonder how the band was chosen to perform? That was the work of a publicist who was able to effectively pitch their client. Publicists spend a lot of their time in meetings and pitching their clients. To get clients (and do the job well once you have them), you have to be able to communicate very effectively.

2. Customer Service Representative

It’s almost never an easy job, but being a customer service representative can be at least a *little* easier if you actually enjoy (and have a talent for) speaking with other people. Working in this occupation requires great listening skills, as well as the ability to reason with customers who may be very upset. The better you are at communicating well with others, the better you will do at this job.

3. Teacher

If you want to be a great teacher, you will need to have great communication skills. And while you don’t necessarily *have* to love talking to be a great communicator, it sure does help. Large portions of your day will be spent speaking, and the ability to command a classroom is necessary to successfully motivate and inspire your students.

4. Radio Announcer

Whether they’re broadcasting a sporting event, hosting a talk show, or working as a disc jockey, radio announcers often need to speak for hours at a time. Only the very best talkers can have a successful career in this field. Communicating effectively over radio is a very difficult skill to learn, and a lot of practice is needed before an announcer can effectively relate to and engage their audience.

5. Trial Lawyer

If you were on trial for a crime, would you rather hire the introverted lawyer who doesn’t like to talk a lot, or the polished speaker who can effectively plead your case? Successful trial lawyers use facts to tell compelling stories. They must be able to engage a jury, and persuade them of their clients’ innocence (or guilt, if they are on the prosecutions’ side). This is no easy task, having great speaking and communication abilities can sure make it a lot easier.

6. Receptionist

Receptionists have many responsibilities, but they often spend most of their time answering phones and greeting people. Receptionists are the face of the businesses that they represent, and they need to be able to speak clearly and politely. Making a positive first impression is incredibly important, and it often requires the gift of gab to do so.

7. Pastor / Priest / Minister

There are very few things in life more painful to sit through than a boring church service. And for pastors, I’m sure there’s nothing worse than seeing people pay more attention to the ticking seconds on their watch than the words that are coming from their mouths. The ability to speak well and engage the congregation (even when the subject matter is dry) is a sign of a great speaker and someone who will be successful in this field.

8. Marketer

When we think of marketing, we often think about the ads that appear in magazines or the commercials we see on TV. But did you ever stop to think about *how* those ads got there? Marketers first have to come up with an idea for an advertisement. Once the idea is in place, they have to pitch it to the company that they are representing. Successfully pitching an idea requires incredible speaking and communication skills. It’s not easy to convince someone to spend thousands (or millions) of dollars on your campaign.

9. Fitness Instructor

Have you ever had a bad fitness instructor? I have. They confused the class by saying things like, ‘now do this,’ or ‘move like that,’ and then became frustrated when we didn’t know what to do. Good fitness instructors are good communicators. They are able to explain in very simple terms exactly what you should be doing with your body. And while it may sound like a simple thing, the truth is that it can be very challenging complicated movements in ways that the class can understand. Great communication skills are a requirement for this job.

10. Sales

To have a successful career in sales, you have to build relationships with your potential and existing customers. Building strong relationships requires the ability to communicate effectively with other people. The job also requires great listening skills. Before you can position your product as a solution to a problem, you have to understand the wants and needs of your potential clients. This is accomplished by asking the right questions, and paying careful attention to everything that they say. There are many different types of sales jobs available. Learn about some of them here.

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