March 22, 2021

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10 Jobs for People Who Dont Want to Work in an Office

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Jobs for People Who Don’t Want to Work in an Office

When it comes right down to it, there are few things that have a bigger impact on the way you feel about work than the environment you work in. Some of us like to work inside in well-lit spaces, while others would rather kick fluorescent lights to the curb in favor of a job that allows them to work outside of an office altogether. If you fall into the second group, this is a post for you.

It might seem like all of the best careers require you to spend your days working in a cubicle, but the truth is, there are many great jobs out there for people who don’t want to spend the entirety of their days working in an office.

Below, we’ve put together a list of ten occupations that are great for people who don’t want to work in an office all day. We hope that this list will inspire some ideas

1. Zoologist

Salary: $45,500 $72,700Number of Jobs: 19,530
Hourly Rate: $21.85 $34.95Employment Outlook: Normal
Green Job: YesEducation: Bachelors degree

Zoologists study animals to gain a greater understanding of their characteristics and habitats. Some of their work does have to be done in an office (particularly data analysis), but much of it is done in the field, where they observe animals in their natural habitats. Because extensive travel is often required, this can also be a great job if you want to see new and interesting parts of the world while you work.

2. Photographer

Salary: $20,700 $43,700Number of Jobs: 152,000
Hourly Rate: $9.96 $21.01Employment Outlook: Normal
Green Job: NoEducation: Long-term on-the-job training

Photographers take pictures of many different subjects, including people, pets, events, merchandise, and places. Many photographers work as freelancers, meaning that they are able to set their own working schedules. And while its true that photographers do have to spend some time in an office cleaning up photographs, meeting with clients, and performing administrative tasks, they also get to do a lot of their work completely outside of the office.

3. Carpenter

Salary: $30,700 $53,900Number of Jobs: 1,284,940
Hourly Rate: $14.76 $25.90Employment Outlook: Good
Green Job: NoEducation: Long-term on-the-job training

Carpenters build and repair structures made of wood including window frames, stairways, cabinets, and furniture. Some office time may be required for planning projects and meeting with customers, but the real work is done outside of an office in a wood shop. If you dont want to work in an office and have a passion for creating products with your hands, working as a carpenter could be a good choice.

4. Chef

Salary: $30,500 $54,400Number of Jobs: 108,290
Hourly Rate: $14.69 $26.13Employment Outlook: Normal
Green Job: NoEducation: Work experience in a related occupation

Chefs direct the preparation, seasoning, and cooking of food. Most chefs work in restaurants and hotels, but there are also opportunities for personal chefs and household chefs who work in the homes of their clients. Some executive chefs do have to spend time working in an office within a restaurant, where they manage inventory, set schedules, and perform other tasks necessary for keeping the restaurant running smoothly. However, most chefs spend all of their time working in the kitchen, and this can make a great job for anybody who loves to cook and wants to spend only a small amount of their time in an office.

5. Interior Designer

Salary: $35,300 $64,700Number of Jobs: 71,720
Hourly Rate: $16.96 $31.09Employment Outlook: Normal
Green Job: NoEducation: Associate degree

Interior designers design safe, appealing, and functional interior spaces. When most people think about interior designers, they only think about those who work in homes. However, many interior designers design spaces in other places as well. Malls, offices, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and airports all provide opportunities for interior designers. Working in an office is necessary at times when meeting with clients, working with software, or performing administrative tasks. But this occupation also allows many opportunities for working in other environments as well.

6. Automotive Technician

Salary: $26,300 $47,300Number of Jobs: 763,670
Hourly Rate: $12.65 $22.73Employment Outlook: Good
Green Job: NoEducation: Postsecondary vocational award

Automotive technicians spend their days working in automotive repair shops, where they inspect, repair, and perform maintenance on cars and other light vehicles. If you want to work in this field, the best way to prepare yourself is by attending an automotive service program at a technical or vocational school. There, you will learn everything you need to know to get an entry-level position as an automotive technician.

7. HVAC Technician

Salary: $33,200 $55,100Number of Jobs: 308,220
Hourly Rate: $15.98 $26.49Employment Outlook: Good
Green Job: YesEducation: Postsecondary vocational award

HVAC technicians install, repair, and service heating systems, air conditioning units, and ventilation systems. If youve ever had your AC go out in the middle of the summer, you know how valuable a good HVAC technician can be. HVAC technicians do most of their work in the homes or businesses of their clients. They also spend a significant amount of time driving from job to job, and sometimes only visit the office at the beginning and end of each day. If youre mechanically inclined and want to spend as little time in an office as possible, this could be a good career for you.

8. Anthropologist

Salary: $39,100 $72,800Number of Jobs: 5,790
Hourly Rate: $18.80 $35.01Employment Outlook: Good
Green Job: NoEducation: Masters degree

Anthropologists study the origins of language, cultures, organizations, and other human social developments. Some anthropologists spend the majority of their time traveling (sometimes to remote regions of the earth), where they study people and cultures in their native environments. If you want to have a career where you can travel regularly and keep your office hours to a minimum, then this could be a great choice for you.

9. Firefighter

Salary: $32,000 $59,900Number of Jobs: 310,370
Hourly Rate: $15.38 $28.80Employment Outlook: Good
Green Job: NoEducation: Long-term on-the-job training

Firefighters extinguish and control fires in situations where life, property, or the environment is in danger. They also respond to other types of emergency situations, like car accidents, heart attack scenes, and other medical emergencies. Firefighters spend most of their time in the firehouse or on the scene of an emergency, meaning that they spend little (if any) time cooped up in an office.

10. Surveyor

Salary: $40,300 $72,400Number of Jobs: 57,650
Hourly Rate: $19.36 $34.79Employment Outlook: Normal
Green Job: NoEducation: Bachelors degree

Surveyors collect information thats used to draw maps, establish property lines, and determine the shape of land. Their work requires spending long periods of time outside of the office, making this a great occupation for people who dont want to be chained down to a desk all day.

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