March 21, 2021

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High Paying Jobs Without a Degree

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10 Jobs for People Who Don’t Have a Bachelors Degree

If there’s one career-related myth that most people buy into, its that you have to get a bachelors degree if you want to have any hope of getting a great job. While its true that a bachelors degree will give you a leg up in a lot of cases, the simple truth is that there are many high paying jobs out there that you can get with a high school diploma or an associates degree. And in the end, your career advancement comes down to you, not a degree you earned along the way.

Below, we’ve put together a list of ten great jobs that you can get without a bachelors degree. Of course, there are many other great jobs out there as well, but hopefully this list will inspire you to seek out a great career for yourself, regardless of your level of formal education.

1. Registered Nurse

If you want to have a great job that doesn’t require you to go to school for four years, its just about impossible to find a better option (in terms of demand and pay) than a registered nurse. An associates degree in nursing (ADN) is all you need to get started, and can easily be earned in two years or less. Chances are good that there’s a technical or vocational school in your area that offers fast track programs.

2. Paralegal

If you’ve always dreamed of working on legal cases but don’t have the time, money, or interest in pursuing a law degree, working as a paralegal could be a great choice. Paralegals help lawyers with many tasks including preparing legal documents, organizing evidence, and conducting research. Most of the time, candidates only need to earn an associates degree from a paralegal program to be eligible for a position in this field.

3. Building Inspector

Building inspectors inspect homes and other buildings to make sure that they’re in compliance with government building codes and specifications. Most employers prefer to hire building inspectors who have a high school diploma however, extensive experience in the construction industry is normally required as well. Many building inspectors start out their careers working as a carpenter, plumber, or other tradesman before moving to as a building inspector.

4. Real Estate Broker

Real estate brokers are similar to real estate agents, except brokers have met the requirements to manage their own real estate business. If you don’t have a college degree, here’s some good news: a minimum of a high school diploma is all that’s needed to become a real estate broker (though you’ll have to earn a license as well).

5. Dental Hygienist

If you want a job in healthcare but just aren’t attracted to the world of nursing, working as a dental hygienist could be a good choice for you. Dental hygienists work under the supervision of a dentist, where they clean patients teeth and check their gums for signs of mouth disease. The pay is great, the schedules are flexible, and the only educational requirement is an associates degree.

6. Plumber

Plumbers are responsible for repairing and installing sewage and drainage systems. They also install fixtures like dishwashers, toilets, bathtubs, and sinks. There aren’t any formal education requirements for becoming a plumber, but many people in this occupation go through a formal apprenticeship where they work with a master plumber and learn the trade.

7. Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory therapists work in a healthcare environment, where they help patients who have breathing disorders like asthma or emphysema. If you don’t want to spend four years in school but want to help people in a medical environment, then this could be a great job for you. In most cases, you only need an associates degree and a license to work in this occupation.

8. Drafter

Drafters convert engineering and architectural designs into plans that workers can use to actually create the buildings or products. Their drawings show the technical details, required materials, and assembly procedures, so that products can be built to the original design. A bachelors degree is not required to work in this field, but most employers do prefer to hire candidates who have completed a formal drafting program. These programs are available at many community colleges and technical institutes.

9. Flight Attendant

Flight attendants work for airlines, where they take tickets, help with baggage, hand out refreshments, and keep passengers safe. Many flight attendant positions require only a high school diploma, but some employers do require associates degrees. All of the necessary training takes place on the job, making this a great occupation for someone who wants to see some new places but doesn’t have a bachelors degree.

10. Brokerage Clerk

There aren’t too many occupations in the finance industry where you can get a job without a bachelors degree, but a brokerage clerk is one of them. Brokerage clerks do a lot of administrative work related to the sale and purchase of securities like bonds, stocks, and other types of investments. This is one of the few occupations where you can try it before you buy it (so to speak). If you like it, it would be to your benefit to go ahead and get a bachelors degree. Without one, you may not have a lot of opportunities for advancement.

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