March 21, 2021

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10 Jobs for People Who Love Working with Children

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10 Jobs for People Who Love Working with Children

We believe that the difference between a good job and a great job is the satisfaction that you feel from work. And for many people, there are few things more satisfying than making a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of children. If you love kids, being able to work with them each day can be incredibly rewarding and inspirational.

If you want to work with children each day and help them live happy and fulfilling lives, then keep reading. Below, we’ve put together a list of 10 jobs that are great for people who love working with children.

Child Care Worker

Childcare workers include both nannies and daycare teachers. Childcare workers not only make sure that children are fed and entertained, they’re also responsible for teaching basic math and reading concepts. This can be a great occupation for people who want to work with kids in an educational environment, but don’t have the necessary education to work as a preschool or kindergarten teacher.


No, it isn’t a full time gig when you’re working with children, but if you love working with kids and your day job doesn’t give you the opportunity to do so, then working as a coach can be a great job. Even if you don’t know a lot about a sport, you may still be qualified to teach young children the basics of a game. Sure, these positions don’t normally pay anything, but if you love working with kids, they can still be highly rewarding. Its not all about money, right?


If you want to have a career that combines your love of healthcare with your love of children, then becoming a pediatrician could be the right choice for you. Unlike family doctors who see children of all ages, pediatricians specialize in working only with younger children. Sure, some kids are difficult, and good pediatricians need to have a lot of patience at time. But the good news is that for every angry kid, there’s a good one sitting in the waiting room. Or so you hope

Camp Counselor

Camp counselor jobs are great for students, teachers, and anyone else who is available for extended periods of time during the summer months. Camp counselors show campers what it means to be a responsible (and fun) adult. They get to do a lot of fun things with children, including swimming, hiking, archery, and crafts. But the most important role that camp counselors have is ensuring the safety of the kids that they work with. If you love the outdoors and working with children, there are few better options out there than this.

Kindergarten Teacher

Kindergarten teachers are in pretty unique position to instill a love of learning in children. Kindergarteners are very impressionable, with huge imaginations and a passion for learning new things. Kindergarten teachers need to have a bachelors degree in elementary education, and those who teach in a public school need to be licensed.


Little kids have huge imaginations, and even with the miraculous advances in technology, few things stimulate a child’s imagination like a great book. Most librarian positions require a masters degree in library science, and you’ll need to a teaching certificate if you want to work in a public school. If you really want to work in a library but fall short of the educational requirements, a job as a library technician might be right for you.

School Bus Driver

Do you love working with children, but don’t want to spend your entire day with them? If so, working as a school bus driver could be a great choice for you. School bus drivers are responsible for getting kids to and from school safely and on time. Since the job of a school bus driver is often finished by 9:00 in the morning and doesn’t continue until the afternoon, this can be a great job for people who need to keep most of their daytime hours free.

School Counselor

Children don’t always realize it, but school counselors play a critical role in their academic and social development. Counselors monitor their students academic and social performance, and provide support to parents, teachers, and students when their help is needed. They also monitor individual classrooms, and may suggest changes to the curriculum if they notice that all students in a class are struggling with certain concepts. If you love to work with elementary school-age children but don’t want to teach, this can be a great choice.

Preschool Teacher

Preschool teachers normally work with children aged 3-5. The programs and lessons that they teach are designed to inspire imagination and creativity in their students, while laying the groundwork for academic concepts like science, math, and language. Because young children aren’t able to sit and listen for long periods of time, preschool teachers use songs, activities, and games to teach lessons that the children will enjoy and understand.

Social Worker

If you want to have the biggest possible impact on a child’s life, there aren’t many better ways to do it than working as a social worker. Social workers help children who need healthcare, or are suffering from neglect or abuse. They will testify in court on behalf of children, and do everything they can to find a new or temporary home if needed. In short, social workers are activists for the safety and well-being of children.

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