September 17, 2021

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Paid Online Mock Jury & Trial Jobs | earn $ as a juror

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Trial by an online jury in a fake court is an innovative tool lawyers use to carryout meaningful research. The online paid virtual court and the mock jury is fake. However, the jury comprises real breathing humans; commonly called online mock jurors, these people attend to court’s proceedings to do their job using the internet. Sophisticated online platform ensures that court proceeding is as real as possible. This gives lawyers a chance to polish their skills and enhance performance, and at the same time, amend the flaws. Some lawyers avail this service due to struggle in their career progression. Online paid trial service motivates them to strive for improvement and recover from their career setbacks.

Lawyers present their cases to online mock jury just as if they would do in a real court. The only difference is that the parties involved are using internet to carry out all the proceedings. Jury consists of online freelancers who are doing this work as a part time job and they earn handsomely, which makes doing this job worthwhile.

After online case hearing is over, the mock jury gives a verdict and honest feedback, which helps lawyers in strengthen their arguments and presentation. This trial system help lawyers in many different ways and at the same time, it creates a tempting online job opportunity.

Paid mock jury work

An online jury can operate in several different ways. Here are few examples:

1. Some companies provide live court sessions where case proceeds in real-time. Freelancers are required to join the proceedings as mock jurors via video conference call [using a special software.] Lawyers give live-presentations. Freelancers’ job is to be a part of the jury panel and to watch and observe the full live trial proceedings. This is rather an expensive approach but for the lawyers, this setup provides an excellent fake trial court environment that tries to replicate real court proceedings.

2. Another approach is to give online jury participants video or audio presentations of attorneys and then ask them to give their verdict for the trial based on all the facts & figures.

3. Some companies give transcripts of fake trials to jurors and ask them to study the case thoroughly. In the end, they give feedback and answer few case related questions. Attorneys themselves can also prepare a questionnaire for the jurors.

Mock trial jobs

Several mock jury companies are hiring freelancers for fake trial by jury jobs and they are paying them generously. No particular skill or experience is required, other than honestly. In addition, if you have past jury experience then that certainly would help. This opportunity allows you to earn money online in a fun and entertaining way. You are going to enjoy doing this work.

Money is not the problem, pay is handsome for these jobs, but availability of work falls short of expectations. It is a new concept, so do not expect to get “paid mock jury work” on day-to-day basis.

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