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Working as a supervisor in a youth camp is not just a job in the sun, but also a task with a lot of responsibility. However, if you enjoy working with children and adolescents, you will also enjoy the job in a youth camp.

Prerequisites to finding this work
If you would like to work as a tutor in a holiday camp for children and teenagers, then you should be at least 18 years old. As a co-supervisor, you can work there as early as 16 years, but will always work with an older camp attendant. You must be fit health-wise, and should not have serious or contagious diseases.

It is also important that you have a caring license. However, if you have an education in this area, such as educators, you do not need this certificate, and you may get an internal training from the organizer. You need perseverance, ambition, flexibility, commitment, and a good dose of creativity if you want to work with many children and young people aged 6 to 16 years.

Summer, sun, and the youth camps
If you work as a youth supervisor, you will meet many different children, who you will have to look after all together in a group, or in some cases, individually. They all spend together this time so that children have the opportunity to learn something new. Everyone must be crammed together as a team; the whole camp thing works best and is fun when everyone is pulling the rope together. So, you must be able to resolve conflicts, explain things well and easily, and should be able to demonstrate pedagogical behavior as well as a friendly nature.

As a caretaker, you should be prepared to be there 24 hours a day for the children. You may even find solace in homesickness, a small scratch or a bump, but also discuss the day plan, plan the tours and supervise the children at any time. In short, you are the contact person for the young people and the children in all living situations. Good nerves and patience are therefore essential.

Find a position as a supervisor
On the Internet, you can search for such a place/job. Often it is the tour organizers, which offer such jobs in their offices offline and also on their own website’s homepage. Then use either the contact details provided, or use the application form, if it is offered as a download. You can also go to the Youth Office if you would like to work as a supervisor in a holiday camp.

As there are always regional holiday offers for children and adolescents, you should also ask your local association. Brochures are available all year round, in which children’s and youth camping is offered. Each individual offer has contact details, which you can use to apply for the job.

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