September 24, 2021

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How To Automate The Process of Opening Multiple URLs In Firefox?

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Assume that I have 20 URLs/website-addresses, and I want to open them all in Firefox, each in a new tab. The usual way to do this task is to create new tabs, one-by-one, in Firefox and then copy-paste each URL in them. This process is both time consuming and physically/mentally tiring.

Is there a better way to do this task? Can we automate the whole process?


Download the following add-on:

Open Multiple Locations

After installing this plugin, open Firefox and click on File and then “Open Multiple Locations.” This opens a new small window. Copy all URLs that you want to open and paste them all in this window. You don’t have to copy/paste each URL separately, copy all URLs at the same time and paste them in this window. When you click on OK, all URLs will start to open in new taps in the same Window.

Some online jobs and even office jobs require employees to open hundreds or thousands of different website URLs. Employees need to open all the addresses to do some task that their employers have asked them to complete. This is an extremely boring, tedious, and exhausting job. I personally had to do this very work for my own research project; after just few minutes, I realized that doing this work manually is going to take ages and the boredom along was killing me; yeah, I got bored in just few minutes!

This add-on saves tons of time!

This WordPress plugin is a lifesaver. It can literally save hundreds of work hours for you! This plugin is very easy-to-use, lightweight, and effective. It has no compatibility issues either. There is one thing you should keep in mind; if you are opening a lot of URLs using the Multiple-Location-Box, then wait for it to open all URLs. Firefox can become unresponsive if you are opening too many URLs; if this happens, don’t click on anything and give this plugin a little time to do its work. One last thing, after you click on “Open Multiple Locations,” if nothing happens, then simply install this plugin again. From time to time, usually after few Firefox updates, I have noticed this issue; the solution is simple though, that is to reinstall this plugin.

Thank you “Jordan Matuszek” for creating this plugin.

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