March 21, 2021

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10 Jobs for People Who Have No Work Experience

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10 Jobs for People Who Have No Work Experience

If you don’t have any work experience and you’re looking for your first job, you’ve probably run into a problem: nobody wants to hire you without experience, but you need to get job before you can have any. The best way to solve this problem is by making the most of your personal connections (networking), but lets be honest: sometimes there just isn’t anybody who can help.

Below, we’ve put together a list of ten jobs that can be great for people who don’t have any work experience. Now, they may not all be the most glamorous jobs in the world, but they aren’t supposed to be. Remember, your career is what you make it, and the most creative and dedicated people will be able to spin their entry-level opportunities into something much more.

1. Customer Service Representative

Working as a customer service representative can be a great way to kick off your career. Many junior positions don’t have any experience requirements, the pay is better than it is for most entry-level jobs, and you can learn a lot of transferable skills that will help prepare you for the next phase of your career. Yes, the work can be demanding and thankless at times, but if you don’t have any experience, it can be very worthwhile to stick it out.

2. Barista

Baristas work in coffee shops, restaurants, book stores, and other environments where they prepare and serve coffee. In most places, this is an entry level occupation that’s great for students or other people who don’t have any work experience but want to learn some valuable skills. If you want to break into restaurant management but don’t know where to start, this can be a great occupation for learning the basics of operations.

3. Stock Clerk

Stock clerks work in grocery stores, department stores, and other retail environments, where they are responsible for moving merchandise from the warehouse or stockroom to the sales floor. There are rarely any experience requirements for stock clerk positions. Though the pay is rarely lucrative, doing a good job in this position can open up some more advanced opportunities for you.

4. Cashier

It might be a little cliche, but its cliche for a reason: cashier jobs are great for people who don’t have any work experience. As a cashier, you learn how retail stores operate and get experience working with customers. And with enough time behind the register, you’ll eventually pick up the experience you need to move into more advanced positions within the store.

5. Counter Attendant

Counter attendants work at counters in places like movie theaters, snack bars, bakeries, coffee shops, and cafeterias. Like cashiers, they ring up customers and accept payments, but unlike cashiers, they also take the customers orders and retrieve their ordered items. Some employers require counter attendants to have a high school diploma, but most don’t. In fact, this is one of the best entry level positions for students who need to work a part time job.

6. Waitress

Working as a waitress can be a great way to pick up some valuable skills without having any work experience. Though it might not not feel like it when you’re sweating on the restaurant floor, working as a waitress can be a valuable experience. You will learn how to handle customers, how to work as part of a team, and how to communicate effectively with people with many different needs. In the end, that experience can pay off big time.

7. Product Demonstrator

Product demonstrators promote products like software, electronics, movies, and food. If you ever go to the grocery store and notice an employee handing out free samples of a particular food, that person is a product demonstrator. These positions rarely have any experience requirements, and can be a great choice for people who want to work in retail but don’t want to be a cashier or work in customer service.

8. Retail Salesperson

When it comes to finding an entry-level job that will help prepare you for a long-term career, there are few options better than working as a retail salesperson. Retail salespeople learn how to provide service to customers, while demonstrating the most beneficial qualities of a product in order to make a sale. There are tons of opportunities in the sales world, and many people make very lucrative careers out of selling well. Working in a retail sales position not only gets some work experience under your belt, it can also provide a foundation for a long and successful career.

9. Hostess

If you haven’t worked in a restaurant before, you might not realize the huge role that hostesses play in keeping a restaurant running smoothly and effectively. Seating customers at the optimum tables requires a great deal of patience, planning, and coordination. It also requires a strong line of communication with the wait staff. All of these skills directly translate into management positions, making this a great job for anyone who has aspirations of working in management.

10. Short Order Cook

If you have dreams of becoming a chef or you want to break into the restaurant industry but you’re not sure where to start, working as a short order cook could be a good choice. As a short order cook, you’ll learn the basics of restaurant operations at the same time you’re learning your way around the kitchen. Sure, the food you cook wont be very complex, but it will teach you how kitchens work, how to operate as a team, and how to juggle multiple tasks at the same time. And the biggest plus? There are almost never any experience requirements.

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