September 17, 2021

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Printer installed, no option to print – exclamation mark

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After installing software/drivers for my printer, Microsoft Word and other programs are not detecting it, and yes I have re-started my PC. Why aren’t these programs detecting the printer? Why is Device Manager showing an exclamation mark on my printer’s icon?


Go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers. Here, you can see the printer icon/thumbnail along with some other things. There should be a Green Tick on your printer’s icon. However, if something is wrong with printer’s installation or if there a hardware issue, then an exclamation mark, or a warning is shown on its icon.

Right click on printer’s icon and select the “Troubleshoot” option. This should starts a process, which will try to detect the issue that is stopping your printer from working properly. I faced this problem when I installed Samsung ML-2010 printer in my PC. The troubleshoot wizard was able to detect the mis-configuration in printer’s drivers and it solved the issue for me; the process deleted some old/wrong drivers. After the issue was resolved, a green tick appeared on the printer’s icon.

If the above solution does not work then use Driver-Removal software [like this one] to manually delete all drivers for your printer. Then download the latest drivers from the manufacturer website and do a clean/new installation.

If above solution doesn’t work, then try connecting your printer to a different USB port. Connect it to one of the ports in the back-panel. Also, check your printer for paper-jam and other issues such as the level of ink or toner in the cartridge. If possible, connect your printer to another PC; if it works, then it means that your printer is fine; the issue would be driver related [most probably.]

If nothing works, then your best bet is to seek help in official forum, or support community in your printer’s manufacturer website. When you are posting your issue in such a forum, remember to include all the details about your PC and the printer. Also, find the Error-Code that the Device-Manager is generating. The more information you provide in your post/thread, the quicker and better responses you can expect to get.

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