March 21, 2021

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Nvidia ECS 220 GT is not recognizing Native Screen Resolution

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Why is Nvidia ECS 220 GT not recognizing Native Screen Resolution of my monitor? It is showing me many resolution options apart from the native one. Shouldn’t Windows show fewer options, and show/mark the Native resolution as Recommended?


Windows usually show ten to twenty different resolutions for a normal monitor. The native resolution is at the top; it is the maximum number of pixels your monitor can produce and Windows labels it as (recommended.)

There are several reasons why a graphics card can fail to detect the correct monitor resolution. Below are some solutions that may help you.

1. Download and install the latest video card driver from official website of Nvidia. Restart your PC and check is the driver update solves this issue for you. If you don’t have a Nvidia 3D card, then download the latest driver from your card’s manufacturer’s website.

2. Connect your monitor to another PC to make sure it’s not malfunctioning, or connect a monitor from a working PC to the one with this issue. You need to eliminate the possibility that your monitor is faulty.

3. The cable between your video card and monitor, make sure it is not faulty. The easiest way to do this is by using another cable that you know is working correctly in another system.

4. Is Windows showing you any errors? Make sure that you have a clean operating system. Sometimes, drivers or other software related issue can cause Windows to do weird stuff. You can connect your 3D card to another PC. Make sure that your card is not faulty. If you get the same issue in the other PC, then your video-card is most probably faulty.

5. ECS 220 GT has DVI and VGA ports. Attach your monitor to each of these ports and see if Windows detects correct monitor resolution in any of them.

6. Are you are using any DVI-to-VGA or some other convertor? It is possible your convertor is malfunctioning. Use another one or use it in another PC to check if it’s working properly.

I once owned ECS 220 GT and I had this same issue. In the end, I found that my card is faulty. 3D cards and other hardware in your PC, they can all malfunction and become useless; this fact is tough to grasp but it is the reality. No one wants to have any kind of hardware failure in his or her PC; these are usually permanent and the only way to solve such issue is to buy a new piece of hardware.

Unfortunately, Nvidia ECS 220 GT does not seem to be a solid-built card. Therefore, a hardware fault in it is very much possible. There is a tool called “Custom Resolution Utility,” you can use it if there is a software problem in your PC.

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