March 21, 2021

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Create an Online Blog and Make Money from it?

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By creating a useful blog, which attracts a sizable audience, you can achieve total independence in making an income. This is not a job; it is a small business that can you start for free and become an independent online entrepreneur. You are the boss, or CEO, and you will answer to no one. You will have complete control over this business.

Many online entrepreneurs choose to work at freelance websites. They choose this path as it requires no investment and they are able to work for online employers from home to make a stable income. In freelancing, you work for other people and you have to keep a clean work-record in order to receive jobs consistently. Freelancing is less stressful than any office job but if you want a 100% stress-less way to make an income, then blogging is the answer.

Following are few tips you may find useful:

1. After creating a bog, write unique and informative content. Write about stuff that actually can help your website audience. Never copy any content from any place.

2. Choose the right Niche [aka topic] for the blog you are creating. For instance, if you are good at repairing electronic equipment, such as, dishwasher, LCD, and other machines and know lot of information about repairing different kinds of machines then you can create a blog about repairing machines and other related topics such as DIY etc.

Add useful information in your blog

If you love to watch Football and if you are a fan of the game and if you have lot of information about the players, rules, history etc. then you should blog about games. Sports lovers can write tons of content about different games.

Another example: “Nancy” lives in USA and loves gadgets. She is addicted to seeking information about the latest technologies. She goes to different events where companies reveal information about new phones, gadgets, and technologies. She takes pictures of the event and receives lots of writing-material about items, most of which are not even available in the market yet. She can write about this in a blog and share her knowledge with the readers. This information will interest people who have similar interests.

You should blog about a topic in which your interest and expertise lie. Use your knowledge and experience to write useful content. After you create a blog, write and add articles regularly. You must write informative and useful content. Engage your readers in healthy/productive discussions. You can also create a forum. If you are a socially active person, then share your blog link with your friends on Facebook and other social media outlets.

Make money from your blog

Once your blog gains a good number of readers/followers, you can then think about how you want to monetize this traffic. You can place advertisements or use affiliate programs to make this a stable income source. Blogging can be a very profitable business.

For a new comer, It is not easy to make money from a blog these days, but with solid commitment and with some excellent content writing, one can still be successful. There are tons of things to learn; slowly, you will gain experience and get to know all the important factors that matter in this business.

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