September 17, 2021

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Earn easy coin by reading emails | Get paid PTC sites list

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Now that I have received more than $2000 in the past few months for reading emails, playing simple online games, and doing other simple tasks, I have learned that Pay-to-click, or PTC sites are a real deal. I always thought that PTC means illegal work where the company asks users to click on ads on different websites. My suspicions are justified because illegal ad clicking, a nasty business, is a real thing. Losers are running this business from small websites. They advertise their services as if they are a big company and that they are paying thousands of dollars to its users who join their ad-clicking networks. They are using different names for their “business,” one of which is PTC.

What I am trying to convey here is the fact that there are legit PTC sites where you can earn real money doing legitimate tasks. Legit PTC website offer several different ways by which you can make money. One of the most popular tasks is completing surveys. In this job, the PTC site asks users to answer very simple questions. Completing one survey usually takes less than five minutes. You can earn $1, $2,….$30, or even more for completing just one survey. If a person can read a teleprompter then he can also do this work.

Ad-viewing and Ad-clicking are two different things

Other tasks offered at PTC site include ad-viewing. Don’t get confused; ad-clicking and ad-viewing are two completely different things. The first one is 100% illegal and spam work; the second one, ad-viewing, is 100% legit work. PTC sites offer users to join and make money by completing different easy tasks; they also have a section for online advertisers. A lot of companies and individuals join PTC sites, as Advertisers, to promote their products, companies, sites, services, etc. To do that, these advertisers pay money to the PTC site; in return, the PTC site promotes advertisers’ products by showing them to its users.

Users see the advertised products in different ways. Showing the products as ads to users is the simplest method that PTC sites use for promotions. However, to make users’ experience interesting and fun while still promoting products, PTC sites use different techniques. For instance, they create small online games, which are fun to play, and somewhere inside the gameplay, the player gets to see the advertiser’s products. PTC sites also give away bonuses, gifts, and rewards to active users. There is also a daily jackpot, which few users can win.

This was my least favorite online money making opportunity to talk about mainly because I thought all PTC sites were running fraud ad-clicking business. Additionally, I was under the impression that you cannot earn much money from this opportunity; I was wrong, you can actually make really good money.

How much money can you earn?

You can make hundreds of dollars; the more time you spend, the more money you can make. If you can bring referrals, then you can make much more money.

Do you need any special skills to do this work?

No, it is the simplest online job one can find. You simply need to join “Paid to Read Email”, or PTC sites. Then start looking for offers, surveys, ads, etc. There is a special ad-viewing section; it is a scripted webpage in which different advertisers’ sites, or products are shown. This scripted webpage also has a timer. You need to spend a specific amount of time on each displayed ad. The more ads you view, the more money you earn.

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