September 17, 2021

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Online Paid Website Testing Jobs, user and usability test

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Among various online income opportunities, website usability testing stand prominent because doing these paid to test jobs is both fun and rewarding. A normal online or offline job usually requires you to accomplish a specific task within a specific time. For instance, in an image editing job, you need to follow instructions and make specific edits/changes to the images. Unlike such traditional employment, testing websites online involves doing no tedious work as there are no specific goals to achieve. Users have much more freedom and there are no tiring constraints.

Needless to say, a website usability or user testing job demands no special skills or any experience. To qualify, a user just needs the following:
1. A computer
2. An internet connection
3. Little creativity can be a bonus
4. Some curiosity will surely help
5. Expressing your true opinion is must

Usability testing jobs

Some companies require users to give live feedback to an analyst. Website testers connect to a server using a software; they then start the website usability test and give their opinion using a microphone and webcam. Website tester’s role is of a commentator and the analyst will be the listener. The analyst then creates a report based on all the information that he gathers from different paid testers. Website owners then use this report to make the necessary improvements. The user’s role in this process ends after he finishes giving his opinion. He does not take any part in building the report.

Online website testing jobs may require a user to analyze one or more of the following elements:

1. Design and overall website look
2. Usability test; your goal is to browse through different pages in the website and check all the main features. You will then comment on how easy it is to find the information, which the user is looking for. You will also test how good the navigation links are.
3. Content quality is one of the main ingredients for a successful website. In some usability testing jobs, you need to check the quality of content of different pages. If the website is about “Cooking Tips,” then how good is the content? Are the recipes worth trying? How well is the content written? Is the content interesting or boring?

Users website testing work

Some companies do not require live feedback. They will send the website URL and other details to user’s email address. He then conduct the tests for a specific time-period. The user then writes his feedback in a file, which is then sent to the company by email.

This work usually pays well; there are no fixed rates, though. The money you can earn depends on the amount of work you are given and the company for whom you are working. Additionally, you can make more money if you become a trustworthy tester. If you complete the first few jobs with honesty and provide some vital information, your rank as a tester will increase. The higher rank you have, the more money you can make.

Can you do website usability testing as a full-time job?

Consider this opportunity more of a part-time job. Website testing jobs are a real deal, but you cannot depend on them for making a full-time income.

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