September 24, 2021

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Is PakDukaan a Scam? YES it is! Read this review

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Before explaining everything in detail, I want to show you few important things. First, you cannot trust the reviews posted on Pakdukaan’s Facebook page, Google Reviews, etc. Why? Well, read the following message that they sent me via Facebook chat:

What scammers do?

They make fake profiles with fake positive reviews to fool people into thinking that they are running a good/legit business. PakDukaan is a scam as they are forcing people to delete bad/negative reviews on the Facebook page. PakDukaan is hence/therefore a fraud and a scam!

Update[27 Jan 2019]: People associated with PakDukaan do not seem to like seeing the word SCAM. They say I am wrong in calling them that, and that me English very badd. Well, if you confront a thief, what do you expect?

A. He will bow his head in shame and admit he is a thief


B. Not admit to stealing anything, instead call the accuser a liar and a thief [also that me ENglish is badd, well, I never claimed to be an Angraz like the ones found at Pakdukaan]

PakDukaan told me to remove the feedback from their Facebook page if I want my money back. So what if I had decided to not remove the feedback? Which by the way was what I should have done because it was the right thing to do. Obviously, in that case, they would have not given me my money. So, what kind of business practice is that and what will you call it?

If you search for Scam Meaning in Google, you will find different definitions; here are few of them:

a dishonest or illegal plan or activity

a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation

to cheat or swindle

PakDukaan, let that sink in…

PakDukaan Scam Ha Kia?

I will tell you the whole story, but the bottom-line is that you cannot trust their reviews because they force people to remove the bad ones and I suspect that many of the positive reviews are fake. I paid them money [15K] to buy a CPU water cooler [CRYORIG A80] that they later used as leverage to make me remove my review. They basically said that if I want my money back, then I need to remove my review. I had a very bad experience with Pakdukaan, so I posted the following review on their Facebook page:

My money was stuck with Pakdukaan, so I decided to remove this review because otherwise, Pakdukaan would have never given me my money back. But after removing the review, they blocked me on Facebook. When I called them, the guy said that it may take a while before they pay me the 15K refund. At that moment, I realized that Pakdukaan is either not going to pay me or they will delay the payment for several weeks.

This is when I realized how immature and bad these people are. I then used my friend’s FB account to post the same review again, this time with some more details. I also started a thread in PakGamers. It is a popular gaming forum in Pakistan. You can check it here.

In the following message, you can see how proud they are about their positive reviews. They are artificially keeping their ratings/reviews high.



The other important thing to know is that the immature kids running this shop will try to squeeze as much money as possible for everything you buy from them. When I asked for the price of i7700K, here is what they said:

As you can see, they were selling the i7700K processor to me for 43K. I was able to get the same processor for 41K.

Just like that, there were several other items they were selling for a higher price. For instance, they were selling a Full-Tower PC casing [Thermaltake V71 Core] for 19.5K, I purchased the same casing from the official dealer for 17.5K.



Another important thing to know is that Pakdukaan is selling some used items as new. For instance, they send items to some guy who writes reviews. Look at what he did to GTX 1080 Ti, which they [presumably] later sold to a customer for the price of a new one.

The next item you buy from them might have been torn apart like this card and then sold to you as New. You can read the review here. [note that this link goes to Pakdukkan website/blog, it is very much possible that they will delete the article that I am linking to]

PakDukaan told me that they give 6 months warranty for Graphics card if it is to be used for crypto-currency mining. I guess they are also using cards for mining themselves and after using them for like 3 months, they might put them back in the box and sell them as new. This is just a guess, but they can do it as I do not trust them.



Pakdukaan is a shop in Lahore that sells computer and other electronics hardware and software. They have a website where you can purchase items, but the site is poorly designed and they do not keep it updated.

I have purchased few items from Pakdukaan; I did not want to do any business with them but I had no choice as there was this one item that was not available anywhere else in Pakistan, at the time I was purchasing parts for a new PC.

I am going to show you my chat history with them; if you read everything, you will realize that Pakdukaan is a business run by little immature kids and that you should not do any business with them. Below, some content may look off topic, but please stay with me.

There are many different types of scams in this world. Some people use schemes to fool people into believing that they will get unbelievably high profits [Ponzi Scheme,] while others have a much direct approach and they try to steal money from your pocket.

There are some scammers who are running websites/businesses that you cannot prove to be doing anything unlawful. These people operate in the grey area and they use different techniques to fool people while not breaking any laws. One example of such scam is the website GetPaid4Typing. I have written an article about why this site is a scam, but I will briefly explain it here.

Freelance boards or sites like Guru allow employers to outsource jobs online to freelancers using their website. You can find data entry, article writing, programing, and many other types of online jobs. Once you complete a job, you are paid the which you have agreed to before starting the work.

For a website to be successful, it needs to have good ranking in Search Engines like Google. GetPaid4Typing is very successful in that. Google search engine uses computer algorithms to detect how good a website is. Quite often, Google’s Algo give stupid websites high ranking. Which means that these websites receive lots of free traffic/visitors from Google Search engine. GetPaid4Typing, unfortunately, is enjoying high ranking in Google search results and thus gets a lot of free traffic.

The owner of GetPaid4Typing is using different freelance boards to get online jobs; he then gives this work to users who have registered an account at GetPaid4Typing. The users do all the work and send it back to the owner who then sends it to the online employer. The owner of GetPaid4Typing gets money for the work, but he does not pay the user who actually did the work. Why? Well, because is a greedy scammer. He has mentioned few things on the Terms of Use page, for example:

There is no guarantee that you will earn any money.
We select only 10 people every month from total applicants.
You will not get money for doing your first test assignment.

Can you see what this scammer is doing?

He tells users that they have to do one project as a test run so he can see how good or bad you are. But the thing is that after you do your first project, there is no second one coming your way. The scammer only gives one project per user; hence he is able to make people work for him without ever paying them. He is not breaking any law, but you can see that he is fooling people and is getting away with it Scot-free. PakDukaan is a scam much like GetPaid4Typing.

When I first heard about PakDukaan, I was very impressed and I thought that I was going to purchase most [if not all] of computer parts that I need from them. But after talking/chatting with them via Facebook, I was so disappointed that I wanted to never again contact them. Let’s see what we talked about and how PakDukkaan tried to squeeze [like a leech] as much money as possible from me.

The following conversation took place on 24th of January, 2017:

On the said date, they were selling the i7700K for 43K, at least 2.5K more than the price that other shops had listed on their websites.

I did ask for discount several times; all I wanted was them to sell it for the same price as other shops, but they never reduced their high prices, not even Rs.100.

They were selling everything at higher price.

A shop in Islamabad was selling the same monitor for 62K or 63K, don’t remember. In the end, I bought Asus ROG-SWIFT-PG279Q from a shop in Karachi.




Did you see what just happened? I spent all this time deciding the parts I need to buy and then I asked them to reserve them for me, which they said they did. But when it came to actually purchasing the stuff, they sent me the shocking revelation that half the items are not in stock. I wasted all this time for nothing…

They first said the price of Moniter is 66K, then when they realized that I actually want to buy, they increased it to 66.5K. Like I said, they try to suck as much money from you as possible.

They said to buy the casing of their choice if I want to get the LED for 66K.

They were selling the V71 casing for 19.5k, but I purchased it for 17.5k from another shop.

Reviews, yeah right…!

The price goes up and up as you get closer to buying the item… The price of the LED I wanted to buy went up to 68K.

After seeing the above message, I decided that I won’t be doing any business with these immature kids, but there was one problem. I needed ZOTAC PCIE 480GB SSD drive. I searched and searched but was unable to find this or any similar products anywhere in Pakistan. After a week or so, I gave up and decided to buy this one thing from them. Later, I bought few other things as well.




I have not overclocked my i7700K, yet. But I do have XMP enabled, this for some reason, increases the CPU temp. My old water cooler was not capable of keeping the temp down below 85C. The temp, under stress test, would go around 90C. So I decided to buy the biggest water cooler I can find. Unfortunately, I was not able to buy Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate CPU cooler as none of the shops in Pakistan had it. So I bought CRYORIG A80 from PakDukaan. This cooler failed in about 2 months. What happened next is very interesting; it shows you the true colors of PakDukaan.

Without telling me, they sent me some CPU air-cooler. I already had installed my old water cooler [Antec 920] so I didn’t need anything from them. I had to return them the cooler that they sent me via Daewoo. Something that I never asked them to send.

This wasted my time and money. They said they will give me the shipping fee back. I think I paid Rs.300, but they never gave me this money back.

As you can see, they said it will take 3 weeks to get a replacement. Lies!!!

Then they tried to sell a USED CRYORIG R1 CPU cooler to me. I paid them money to get the best water cooler I possible can and they wanted me to move back to air cooling. I have 3 different air coolers in different PCs in my home and I also have a single radiator water cooler, why in the world would I want to buy a Rs. 10,000 air cooler???

Also, now they are saying that it will take more time for my A80 replacement to come.

Then after like a month, they said that I need to wait for 1 more month.

At this point, I asked them if it was possible to get a refund, but they said no. They offered to give me 12K instead of 15K.

Then I asked them if they can send me the R1, which they offered me as a replacement. I thought while I wait for another month, I will install this air cooler and hopefully it will keep the temp down, but boy was I wrong. With the R1 air cooler, the temp easily went above 94C. My decade old water cooler performs better then this Rs. 10,000 air cooler.

I contacted them again after like 1.5 months and they had forgotten all about me and my A80 replacement.

I had enough; this situation was getting ridiculous. I went ahead and gave them a negative review on their Facebook page. Here is that review:

Afterwards, the kids at PakDukaan really lost it. They started lying and saying non-sense stuff. They didn’t want to admit that they had done anything wrong.

In the following message, you can see them lying to my face, dirty scammers.

They said they offered me a full refund and that I didn’t take it; this is a big fat lie. I have shown you the screenshot of the chat where I asked them if it was possible to get a refund and they said no.

Stupid people…

After I sent their R1 cooler back, these scammers showed their real face.

Read all the information I have posted on this page and decide for yourself if PakDukaan is a shop you want to buy from. I would suggest you to stay away from them. This shop is run by small immature kids…

Note: this article was moved from another website [elance360,] while the content has been moved, the comments are not. It was not possible to move the comments easily.

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