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I have been dealing with the topic of PC typing work and am writing about it here for quite some time now. In principle, previous articles easily cover the topic of how to earn money using PC work from home typing jobs. But you need to know more information and you need it more than ever before. Note, there are no minimum requirements for most contracts.

The only hurdle you have to overcome during the initial stage is to register with the respective portals and then formulate and write a short story or an article of your choice in the provided form [note that not all portals ask you to write a sample test article.]
This is the basis for inclusion in the authors community of certain portals.

If your written text is rated as good, that is if you submitted content without any spelling and grammatical errors, you will be included in the portal’s author database. This means that you can then choose different topics to write on by bidding on different projects, Of course, you should first contact the client in advance in order to get as much information about the work as possible, which will enable you to write content as good as possible.

There are many questions about the articles that you may need to ask. Like, is the article for a website or blog and if it is, then what kind of website/blog is it? Does the client want you to take search engine optimization into account when writing the text? Should the text be written cordially or directly?

Some question will arise while you are working on the project. But you definitely want to know from the beginning what exactly the client wants and when he wants it. If you communicate and understand what the needs of the client are, then things won’t be difficult anymore.

In some content writing specific portals, the entry test is a bit more difficult. There’s a little test before you can start working. The test only consists of few questions, but they show completely different questions to any new service provider that wishes to join the portal. These question are usually about spelling and which sentences really make sense and which don’t. This may not sound difficult, but there are more traps in such tests than you may think.
You have only a certain amount of time in seconds for each question to answer it correctly. Several answers are available to you. I have to admit that I failed in this test on my first attempt. One sentence in my test looked so correct, yet my answer was wrong.

Give one wrong answer and you fail the test. Unfortunately, some portals do not allow you to take the test for a second time! Too many authors are already working on such writing portal and it seems that they are not eager to hire more writers, sadly.

In this sense, I tend to advise you to join freelance websites like Guru and UpWork. But do try out the entry test of different writing portals to see how good of a writer you are. Perhaps you are the enlightened one who can easily pass the test and is thus included in the writing portal’s database.

PC Typing Work
Under different categories, you will find a list of projects that are still open. You can easily see how many PC typing assignments are still open. You can click and check all of them if you want to. If you see an order/project that you think you can complete in the shortest possible time and you find the revenue and the working time appropriately, then consider applying for the project by placing a bid.

PC writing and research work, and fulfillment
Unfortunately, writing is not the only thing you have to do. It often happens that you are asked to write an article on a topic that you are not quite familiar with. Then you also have to do some research on the given topic using internet. Some clients in their contracts even attach links to online pages, videos, eBooks, etc. You have to look at all the material provided before writing the content.
So basically, writing work is also associated with a lot of research and consider this factor before you take an order for $5 per 500 words article. If you feel that you need two hours of work to write an article, then charge the client accordingly.

I can say from experience that by working steadily and, above all, by giving your client the best work, you increase your chances of ascending to higher commission levels, thus achieving a higher income.

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