September 17, 2021

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Where to Post Your Resume Online | Career Thoughts

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Post Your Resume Online

There are a hundreds of places where you can post your resume online, but to be honest, most of the sites aren’t worth your time. Here are a couple rules of thumb I would use if you’re looking for places to post your resume:

1. Do employers use the site? If not, there’s not much point in posting your resume there, right?

2. Does the site charge money to upload your resume? If so, run. There are plenty of great sites that offer resume uploads for free. You’d probably just be wasting your money.

To keep your personal information safe and make the best use of your time, I’d recommend focusing on the following resume posting sites. They’re all reputable and 100% free for you to use.


Indeed is the largest job search site in the United States, and they’ve made it really easy to post your resume on their site.

I recommend posting your resume on Indeed first, because it has some significant advantages over other resume posting sites.

Most importantly, resume search on Indeed is completely free for employers (most sites charge employers to search for candidates). This means that small businesses without a large HR budget can find your resume, which gives you a lot more exposure.

Also, because it’s free to search, you can see for yourself if your resume is showing up for the searches you want it to. If it’s not, you can make adjustments right away (make sure you’re using the right keywords) to increase your chances of being found.

Post your resume on Indeed now.


If you haven’t posted your resume on Monster yet, what are you waiting for?

Monster is the world’s most well-known job search site, and thousands of employers search Monster’s resume database every day. Make sure that you make your resume public to get maximum exposure.

One of the unique things about Monster is that they track how many times employers view your resume. If you aren’t getting many views, that’s a good sign that you should go back and make some changes.

Post your resume on Monster now.


More than 300,000 employers use CareerBuilder’s resume search database to find qualified candidates, making it one of the most important places to post your resume online. As with Monster, make sure that you make your resume public so it will show up in the search results.

There are other advantages to posting your resume on CareerBuilder that make it well worth your time.

When you upload your resume to CareerBuilder, they scan it for keywords and create job recommendations for you based on your experience. Also, posting your resume makes it fast and easy to apply for jobs on the site.

Post your resume on CareerBuilder now.


LinkedIn is different than other resume posting sites, because it’s all about creating a professional profile and making connections with other people.

To get started, it’s best to connect with past and present colleagues as well as classmates. As you meet new people, add them to your network. Each new connection you make gives your profile a higher chance of being found by a recruiter.

LinkedIn tells how you many times your profile was viewed, and also provides a way to convert your profile into a nice looking resume.

Post your resume on LinkedIn now.


Is this a complete list of the good resume posting sites?

Definitely not! Depending on the type of work you want, there are many other sites you should make use of. For instance, if you want a job in the tech industry, is a great place to post your resume.

To find career specific sites, I’d recommend asking people in your field on LinkedIn or Twitter for recommendations.

I’ve uploaded my resume everywhere, and I’m not getting any calls. What should I do?

This could be a sign that your resume is not optimized for the correct keywords. Ask yourself this: If you were looking for a candidate with your experience, what words would you use look for them? Now, are you using those words on your resume?

If not, there’s a big opportunity for improvement. I’d recommend using Indeed and searching for your targeted words. Study the resumes that show up at the top, and borrow shamelessly.

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