November 1, 2020

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Preparation for the job Interview in 2017

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The written application is only the first step in a person’s selection procedure. If the application documents were convincing, an interview is usually followed. A good preparation is very important for the positive impression of the application documents to be confirmed in a personal interview.

Date confirmation, clothes, and travelling
The preparation for the interview starts immediately after the interview-invitation with the confirmation of the call. At the same time, this is a good opportunity to present yourself to the contact person and possibly to ask the first questions, e.g. what the dress-code is. The choice of clothing is also part of the preparation. It should be comfortable but still neat and conform to the style of the company. Also the journey should be well organized. If the company is not near the place of residence, then you should be informed about the approach time and possibly also about accommodation possibilities, so that you can appear without stress and time pressure in the job interview. Bring your application documents too. If you applied for a marketing agency or a position in the marketing, you should also have a few working samples.

Intensive research on the company
In the interview, you will not only be asked personal questions, but also about the work that the company is doing. In order to convince them that you are the candidate they are looking for, you should also inform yourself sufficiently about the company (products, industry, competitor, employee numbers, turnover, company philosophy, etc.) This proves to the staff that you have intensively engaged with the company as a potential employer. A good research on the company using the Internet usually provides enough material to demonstrate its interest and motivation.

The curriculum vitae (CV) is one of the most important aspects when preparing for the interview. When asked about your previous career, you are expected to be able to report on the most impressive positions in a short self-presentation. Pay particular attention to the practical experience and professional qualifications that fit the intended position. The more concrete examples you have on your professional and personal qualifications, the better.

Conduct an interview as a rolling game
The best preparation is to practice the interview very precisely by requesting someone to ask the typical questions to you; your friends or family members can help in this regards. In such a rolling game, one can put oneself into the conversation situation. Subsequently, one should give honest and concrete feedback on the given answers and the overall occurrence. Criticism is very important here; accepting positive as well as negative criticism and being open to advice is the keyword here.

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