September 17, 2021

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PTC Sites | Earning Money Without Referrals, Is it Possible?

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The biggest earning opportunities with paid to click sites are clearly in their referral-program. Anyone who referrals a lot of new users will earn more money as they receive a percentage of profits generated by the earnings of their referrals. But, can you make money on these PTC-Sites without having your own referrals?

The benefits of active referrals
The best thing about your direct referrals is clearly that you earn a lot more money with them. The referred user has no disadvantage in terms of earning money, but you, the referrer, always earns at least 10% of the revenue of the referred users. So if you earn, on a PTC site, 10 cents a day by your own clicks and if you have 100 active referrals, who also earn 10 cents a day, the you will get about $1 a day, most of which is coming from clicks of the people that you referred.

100 referrals are off course not a whole lot, but a comparatively, it still has some value. The most successful member of ClixSense has over 20,000 direct referrals! Everyone can calculate for themselves what these members might be making per day at ClixSense; remember that they are making money without doing anything. Off course, they work hard to get the referrals, but afterwards, they continuously earn money as long as the referred users remain active.

However, these successful users are the absolute exception. 90% of all people who want to earn money on the internet will never have a lot of their own referrals.

Is it worth using a PTC if you have zero referrals?
Earning money without having any referrals, it is a question that can have a different answer for different people and it depends on different factors. How much money do you expect to earn from a PTC site? How long can you wait until you reach the payout limit? Do you give up quickly?

Whoever expects that he will earn on paid-to-click sites, thousands of dollars a month, as is often promised/advertised, is going to face disappointment. On most sites, you get 5-10 cents a day. The payout limit for some sites is over $15. You should ask yourself if you can wait several months until you get the first payout.

Example 1: Facebook Likes
On Facebook, you just have to press the like button and get over 2 cents for each one. I received the first payout of more than $5 in the first week of my registration. You don’t need referrals is the PTC site pays good money and have many different ways for you to earn money.

Example 2: ClixSense
With clicks, you will earn relatively little money on this site. Nevertheless, reaching the payout limit of $8 does not particularly take long when you regularly participate in the ClixSense daily tasks. There is a relatively large amount of money for small tasks.

Example 3: Cossmos24
On Cossmos24, you get, among other things, money for completing tasks. Here you can earn a lot of money on the internet even without your own referrals. On the day of my registration, I completed a half hour poll that had an equivalent of $10 worth of reward. Unfortunately, you also have to wait very long, until you can cash out the money.

I don’t have a lot of my own referrals at this moment, but I realize that you can make more money with it. Without referrals, you have to invest a lot more time but that can definitely be worthwhile, as the examples show. Even without referred users, you can easily earn $50 a month on the Internet. Using sites like Guru and Elance, you can sell your knowledge in the form of text/content and make much more money online compared to what you can earn at a PTC site.

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