March 22, 2021

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Rental Clerk Job Description, Salary, and Education

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Rental Clerk Job Description

Many businesses make their money by renting out equipment to people or organizations. In these businesses, rental clerks are employed to help customers identify the right products for their needs.

Rental clerks have many responsibilities. They have to take customer orders, explain the rental policies, retrieve merchandise, and operate the cash registers. When a rented product is returned, they may also need to restock it.

This is an occupation that requires excellent customer service skills. Rental clerks have to listen closely to the needs of their customers, and recommend the products that will best fit their needs.

In many cases, the rental clerk is the only person that a customer interacts with, so it’s important that clerks treat customers professionally to retain their business.

Work Environment and Schedule

Rental clerks work in many different environments, depending on the company that they’re working for. Ski shops, rental car companies, moving truck companies, and party supply companies are examples of companies that may employ rental clerks.

Because nights and weekends are popular times for people to rent certain types of equipment, rental clerks are required to work during those times.

Rental clerks spend most of their time working on their feet, and may have to lift or carry heavy equipment.

How to Become a Rental Clerk

Most employers require a minimum of a high school diploma for their rental clerk positions, but related work experience can normally be a substitute for the educational requirements.

Rental clerks are normally trained on the job. The duration of training varies depending on the complexity of the equipment they rent. For instance, a clerk who rents moving trucks only needs to spend a short time in training, while a clerk who rents out farm equipment will need a more extended training period.

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Employment Outlook

There are currently 419,500 rental clerks in the United States, with 14,660 new rental clerk job openings created each year.

Rental Clerk jobs are not expected to see much growth beyond their current levels in the next decade.

Rental Clerk Salaries

Overall Salaries

Rental Clerk salaries can vary depending on your experience, the location, company, industry, and benefits provided. Nationwide, most rental clerks make between $18,600 – $30,900 per year, or $8.96 – $14.84 per hour.

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