September 24, 2021

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Firefox Restore Session: Tabs Do Not Automatically Load

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When restoring session, Firefox restores all the windows and tabs; however, Firefox does not automatically load all of them. Firefox loads/refreshes the page when you click on a tab.

How can we force Firefox to load/refresh all tabs when we restore a session?


Method 1:

Open Firefox and click on Tools > Options; in the options window click on General, it is at the top-left side. Under the heading “Tabs,” look for the following option “Don’t load tabs until selected.” Uncheck this option. If this option is Checked, then Firefox waits for the user to click on a tab to load the webpage.

It can be really annoying sometimes, especially if you have many tabs in multiple windows. This feature has annoyed me a lot in the past, because I use a session manager add-on, which loads all my previous session windows and tabs every time I start my PC and Firefox. So to load all tabs, I needed to manually click on each tab one-by-one; this isn’t a pleasant experience. Thankfully, there are solutions that we can use to force Firefox to load tabs automatically.

Don’t worry about Firefox loading all tabs at once; if Firefox did load all tabs at once, then it can cause different issues. For instance, if you have several tabs opened and they all have different pages of the same site opened, then loading all tabs at once can eat resources of the site’s server; the server can misinterpret it as a DoS or some other type of server attack. As a result, the pages Firefox opens may ask you to enter a CAPTHCA in order to proceed. In previous Firefox versions, I have faced this issue myself, but then Firefox finally corrected this issue by loading all tabs one-by-one instead of loading them all at once.

Method 2:

Open Firefox and type the following command in the address bar and click enter:


If a warning message shows up, click on:

“I’ll be careful, I promise”

In top-left corner, there is a “Search” address bar. Type the following in it:


Double click on the entry to change its value from True to False.

You can also change the value of the following entry to True:


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