March 21, 2021

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RIP Article Revenue Sharing Writing Sites | No more income

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Making money from revenue sharing article websites is DEAD! You can no longer make money from writing articles for a revenue sharing sites. This income opportunity received a slow death and it is no longer in the radar of any serious online entrepreneurs. It was once considered a great part-time online income opportunity, but now it is buried in a grave.

Helium was once one of the top revenue sharing sites. It had a huge article database, thanks to the thousands of writers who wrote them. Anyone could join this site; registration was 100% free. This site used a unique mechanism that encouraged writers to write more and more content; this site awarded writers to join and post articles on any topic they want. Writers were paid real money in many different ways. Today, Helium article directory business is No More! This website now has a simple website hosted on the domain and it’s related to mobile app services.

No more easy money

Those simple days, when we all could make money from article directories, are long gone. Nowadays, looking for article revenue sites is a total waste of time. The reason why they no longer work is because of some big/major changes that Google made around the year 2012. Specifically, Google Penguin and Panda algorithm updates killed article revenue sites. You could find a lot of good content on these sites, but unfortunately, amateur writers, and there were a lot of them, starting filling these revenue sharing sites with bogus content. They added very low quality content; their goal was to make as much money as possible from these revenue sharing sites without spending time or effort on writing good content. This made perfectly legit revenue sharing site a content dumping ground. The updates Google released targeted low quality content and punished the whole websites. When this happened, the revenue sharing sites lost their ranking in Google Search Results and thus lost their revenue.

There is no top revenue sharing sites list anymore

Another reason why so many people posted content at these article directories was to get backlinks in order to increase their own website’s ranking in Google search results. This was one of the easiest and most effective way to gain backlinks; these links used to work and thousands of websites were ranking high in search results, all thanks to these low quality links. Google’s Penguin update took care of this issue. It penalized websites that had a large number of links coming from article directories.

All these changes made revenue sharing sites go out-of-business. All is not lost though; you can still make money online by writing articles and doing other things.

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