September 24, 2021

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Safely remove hardware is not working; remove flash drive how?

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How can I remove Flash/Thumb Drive or an external hard-drive if the safely remove hardware feature is not working in Windows 7 32/64 bit or other Windows like Vista, 8, etc.?

Left or right clicking on “safely remove hardware” icon does nothing.


Solution 1:

Open “My Computer” and right click on Flash Drive’s icon. From the menu, choose “Eject.” Wait for few seconds and then remove your thumb drive, external hard-drive, or any other device you are trying to safely remove.

But for what reasons can “Safely Remove Hardware” feature stops to work in a PC?

There are different reasons why this feature can fail, stop to work; following are few possible reasons.

1. If your PC has a faulty item or hardware attached to it in any of its USB ports, then that can cause this issue. It may sound like a long-shot, but you would be surprised to see the issues that can arise in a PC that has a faulty hardware attached to it in a USB port. Additionally, some items, attached to USB ports, in working order can also create issues. For instance, I am using Nvidia 3D glasses in one of my PCs. To make the glasses work, we need to (a) attach a signal transmitter via USB port, (b) install Nvidia graphics driver. The 3D glasses work, but this PC has this strange problem where it, sometimes, hangs at bios screen when I start or restart my PC. It took me a long time to figure-out the culprit causing this problem, which was the Nvidia 3D transmitter.

You can remove all USB devices from your PC and restart it. Then connect devices one-by-one to see if any device is causing this issue.

I once had a cheap PC product installed in my of the USB ports and it caused multiple issues including the inability to use the “safely remove hardware” feature. I finally traced down this culprit. Its wire and the product itself were getting pretty hot when the PC was running; that is in no way a normal operational behavior for this device. Actually, this device shouldn’t get even slightly warm.

2. If a device, such as an External Hard disk is removed without properly ejecting it through “Safely Remove Hardware” feature, then this can also stop the “Safely Remove Hardware” feature from working properly. Restarting your PC should solve this issue.

Solution 2:

If above solution doesn’t works, then try the following:

1. Click on Start > All Programs > Accessories
2. Now, right click on “Command Prompt” and then left-click on “Run as Administrator”
3. Copy-paste the following command “rundll32 shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll”
4. Hit Enter

This should open the safely remove window from where you can reject the device.

Solution 3:

You can also try the following solution:

1. Click on Start > Run
2. Copy-paste “services.msc” in the Run box and hit enter
3. Double-click on the service named “Bluetooth Support Service”
4. Start this service, if it isn’t already running
5. Change “Start-Type” to Automatic
6. Press OK

Solution 4:

Following is another solution that might work for some users.

1. Click on Start, then right click on “Computer”
2. Left click on “Properties”
3. From the menu on the top-left side, select/click on Device Manager
4. In device manager, click on “Disk Drives”
5. Right click on the USB device and select/left-click on Properties
6. Choose the second tab; it says “Policies”
7. Select, or click on “Better Performance”
8. Click on OK and check the Safely Remove Hardware feature
9. In the end, go back and change the option back to “Quick Removal (default)”

Solution 5:

You can install a software called “USB Disk Ejector.” This small tool does amazing work in handling, or managing all the removable devices. If no other solution works for you, then installing this program will most probably help you solve this issue.

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