(Last Updated On: 17/10/2017)

With increasingly fast updating technologies and techniques, there are constantly new more complex and powerful mobile phone models releasing every year. Contracts also regularly receive a new device every two years. Although the old phone still works properly, it is usually stowed in the cupboard.

Why not just sell the old mobile phone?
Selling old cell phones seems to be too much trouble for many people, because they think you’d have to write an article that highlights everything about the phone; people think they must do this so that they have a better chance of selling their phone. Many believe that you have to pay money for an ad and more money if you are adding large amount of pictures.
Many simply do not know how to sell an old mobile phone on internet by auctioning it independently. Moreover, most of them are reluctant to sell their old mobile phone at auctions because they think they probably have to give up the phone at a very low price [auction starting price is usually low] and that the sole bidder [the first and the only one] will manage to buy it for a very small price, which is just too much work for so little money.
On the internet, however, there are many sites that have already created an environment/system where you can easily sell your old mobile phones at a good price. In some sites, you just have to choose the right model and you immediately will get a fixed price for which you can sell your old mobile phone.

How does it work to sell your old mobile phone at a fixed price?
First, a questionnaire is filled with standardized answers about the constitution of the individual parts that are to be sold. In a few seconds, you can answer these questions and no photos are needed, since the model is already known and the physical state of the item is also factually indicated. Selling an old mobile phone in this manner is very feasible for are not very computer savvy. You are immediately given a price for which you can sell the old mobile phone, and has no risk, as you get a cost estimate that remains constant.

Sell old mobile phone – Improve your bank account balance
If you decide to sell your old mobile phone for a fixed price, then you [usually] get a pre-made delivery address/note, to which you can then send your mobile phone. Whether you deposit the money, which you earn from selling your phone, in your account, use it to finance a new mobile phone, or opt for a voucher is up to you. After the arrival of the old cell phone, the condition is checked and the money is transmitted. The whole process is pretty fast and simple.

Anyone who sells his/her old mobile phone can earn some additional credit. Nowadays, old mobile phones are lying around in every household, so why not sell them to make some money? One should use these treasures concealed in different drawers to make/save money for that holiday trip you and your family always wanted.