September 17, 2021

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Why is water pressure slow in my New Dispenser?

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Why is the water pressure slow in my newly purchased water dispenser?


Compared to tap water, the pressure in water dispenser is considerably slower. If your dispenser is brand new and you are wondering why filling a glass is taking few seconds more than, if you fill it through tab-water then there is no reason to worry. Your dispenser is not faulty. Users who are new to using a dispenser should wait for some time to get used to the slow pressure; this may frustrate you a bit, as the pressure is much slower than average household tab-water pressure. Filling a glass from your tap may take two seconds or it might take even less time than that; on the other hand, filling the same glass from a dispenser may take approximately four seconds to fill to max.

If you have an old dispenser and its pressure has decreased, then that is a completely different ballgame. There are many reasons why this can happen; for instance, limescale deposits can decrease the water pressure. Limescale is the white colored deposit that you usually see inside of electric-kettles. One way to remove limescale is to remove the water-bottle and all water from your dispenser and then fill it up with hot vinegar. Leave vinegar inside for few hours and then take it out from all knobs [not at the same time.]

There was so much limescale in my dispenser that it clogged all tubes inside the dispenser. As a result, the water-pressure decreased significantly. In addition, the water I took from it contained lot of small limescale pieces. I am sure consuming limescale is not healthy 🙂

I had to disassemble my dispenser to reach all the parts that needed cleaning. I cleaned all the plastic tubes and the heating unit. After I reassembled it, the water pressure was back to normal and there was no more limescale in the water I drank.

If you have this issue in a fridge dispenser, than the first thing you should check is the water filter. If your dispenser has one and if it is clogged, or dirty, then you can simply clean or replace it and the water pressure should get normal.

In some dispenser, there are three knobs. These knobs give us water in different temperature [hot, cold, and normal/room-temp.] Pressure in these three knobs can be slightly different. This is because the path of water for each knob is different. For example, the hot water first goes to a chamber where it is heated and then from there it comes to the knob. So you should not worry about the slight difference of water-pressure in different knobs.

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