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In spite of many family members working, the wages/income often fall short of what you need. Even if both partners are doing part time jobs, the money is often not enough. If you look around in such a situation for another earning opportunity, you should not be caught by scam ones.

Tempting offers are everywhere
In the weekly and daily newspapers/magazines and on the Internet, you will find promising offers. Usually with a thick headline, flashing and luminous, they promise you the chance or job which you have supposedly always wanted. This ranges from small ads to large-scale sites on the Internet that promise a lot, but in reality give nothing. There is a good reason why these Ponzi Schemes steal money from thousands of victims each year.

Everyone wants to make money; as much as possible. This is why it is usually particularly vulnerable to be attracted to glowing job offers especially if there is a financial bottleneck at home. But those who take time and look at the whole thing through a clear mind will find that offers that seem to good to be true are often scams. You should look for another solution.

Detect Scam Offers
Scam offers can be easily recognized. They usually make it clear in the first sentence that you can earn a lot of money in a very short time. Titles/Slogans such as “become rich,” or “earn 4,000 Dollars a day” are some of the examples of how scammers attract the pray to their trap. Look out for ads that promise to make you a millionaire overnight; if you see such an ad, then you have found one of the fake/scam job offers. Often, these scammers show you some beautiful and well decorated examples of how their scheme works. With a whole new business idea, which is often not presented or described in detail, they say you and the advertiser can make millions.

Surely there are people who earn several thousand dollars a day and there are also millionaires, but these have their money and their wealth certainly not generated by such fake and scam offers. Nevertheless, a large number of people fall into this trap and are lured by the cleverly built ads, and are then also willing to invest for the forthcoming financial [but fake] heaven.

Having come so far from a great headline, a fascinating story, and even some examples of success, there is usually a flowing transition by asking you not to hesitate any longer, and they request that you provide your personal information. What information it is, depends on the Ponzi scheme being played.

The amount that you are asked to transfer in advance can also vary. It is often a relatively small amount like 40 or 50 dollars, but in other cases it can be more than a hundred or even 1,000’s of dollars, which you are asked to pay for your personal and financial happiness. You should always consider the whole scenario realistically; ask your family members and friends what they think about the business you are about to do with some strange person.

If the ad is read by 1000 people a day, and only half pays the money to the scammer, then the thief who is operating this scheme can earn a nice sum every day, and can soon become a millionaire himself while leaving his victims poorer than they were before. The victims who sits at home and waits for the details of the fake business, such as documents, will get nothing. When the victim finally realizes that he has been scammed, the fake sites or ads are disappeared by that time. The scammer creates a new identity and website/ads and begins his fraud again.

Before wasting your money in this way, just do some research and use common sense. Don’t click on dubious links as they can contain viruses and malware. Instead, find yourself a well-paid side job that will be fun for you and will help you to bridge the financial bottleneck and get some financial freedom again. You will not earn millions, but you will also not lose your hard earned money to scammers.

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