March 21, 2021

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Ten Great Jobs for Teens

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Ten Great Jobs for Teens

I remember clearly the day I decided to get my very first job. I had been whining and pleading to Mom and Dad to buy me a pair of “Guess” jeans (those of you in Generation X will remember when they were all the rage). They were also incredibly expensive. And Mom simply looked at me and said, “If you want a pair of $70 jeans, you’re going to have to get a job.” So get a job I did. My first foray into the world of work happened to be as a Burger King cashier – but there are lots of other jobs that are good for teens as well. Read on for more!

1. Fast Food Worker

Pros: Free food, a chance to learn about teamwork and quality control.

Cons: Free food (think: expanding waistline), demanding schedules. You will most likely work long hours and evenings/weekends are a requirement. You’ll also go home smelling like whatever it is you’re cooking, so make sure you choose wisely.

2. Lifeguard

Pros: Time in the sunshine, the chance to work with friends and meet new people.

Cons: Must be comfortable dealing with crisis situations and able to focus on the task at hand – people’s lives are in your hands and this job isn’t for the faint of heart.

3. Babysitter/Nanny

Pros: Flexible hours and a comfortable environment. After the kids go to bed, you’ll most likely have unlimited access to a kitchen with free food, and satellite TV with movies galore. You’ll also have time to do homework, but let’s be realistic.

Cons: Work can be inconsistent, and you’ll be giving up time with friends on nights and weekends.

4. Amusement Park Worker

Pros: The chance to build leadership skills – those that work in an environment like this must be well aware of safety and have strong customer service skills. It’s a fun environment that comes with the chance to meet lots of new people.

Cons: If you don’t live near one, you won’t get to work at one. Also, hours can be long and tiring. And we all know there’s the chance you might have to deal with someone being sick after too many trips on the loop de loop.

5. Movie Theater Ticket Taker

Pros: You’ll learn customer service skills and also have a chance to see the latest movies for free (which means you can put those pennies towards college, right?)

Cons: Weekend/evening hours, and sticky floors.

6. Grocery Store Cashier

Pros: You’ll learn cash handling skills, how to deal with people, and will most likely have a flexible schedule. There is a potential to earn overtime as well.

Cons: This is a job that requires you to be on your feet all day. You may also need to work odd hours (early morning or late evening) depending on your store’s opening hours.

7. Summer Camp Counselor

Pros: Camp Counselor jobs are an excellent way to gain leadership skills, use your creativity and spend time in the sunshine, all while having fun.

Cons: Jobs can be extremely competitive, depending on location. Also, not a good choice if you aren’t naturally drawn to working with kids.

8. Kennel Attendant/Dog Groomer

Pros: If you’re an animal lover, you’ll enjoy being around your furry friends all day long. It’s an active job, which is good for those that love exercise.

Cons: Veterinary offices or Dog grooming locations can be loud and chaotic with different breeds all barking for attention. It’s a physical job too you’ll be on your feet for long periods of time, and will most likely get very messy cleaning cages or washing Fido! Be aware that different states may have different legal requirements when it comes to minors working with animals.

9. Mall Retail Employee

Pros: If you work for a store you already love, you’ll enjoy the employee discount even more. Just remember to save some money! Malls are a great place to build a network too – don’t forget to get to know people outside of your immediate location.

Cons: Retail hours can be long and tiring, especially over holiday periods.

10. Warehouse Worker for a Delivery Company (FedEx, UPS, etc.)

Pros: You’ll be required to lift and load packages upwards of 50 lbs, which means this is an excellent job for keeping fit. You’ll also learn teamwork and if you pay attention, logistics and supply chain strategies as well.

Cons: Hours may be challenging – and you’ll most likely have to work overtime during busy holiday periods.

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