September 17, 2021

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Tips to help you handle the awkward Interview Silence

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Interview silence is a controversial and hot issue for both employers and employees, and it seems to have academic, social, and cultural dimensions. Its thorny presence is pinching after all! As Bacon, an English essayist, says that a man should have pragmatic approach in getting on in practical field of life; he also needs pragmatic approach to deal with silence during interviews. Usually, people call interview silence an ugly affair for the interviewee, but he can hit this curve-ball for a home-run by overpowering its presence with a smooth flow of conversational analysis.

Are you expecting to appear before an interview-panel? And are you worried that interview silence may show its hideous face again? You can defeat this monster if you hit it with the right stones.

Below are some tips that can help you in your next encounter with interview silence.

Take silence as a means to prepare better answer

You definitely need self-composure during this tiring question answer session. Whenever possible, take silence as a positive tool systematically arrange words in your mind before giving them thought. You can give a polite touch to your speech-orientation by managing your communication competence, or slowly going through the answers to the coming expected questions in your head. The night before the interview, you can prepare answers to commonly asked questions. Then during interview, a small pause might help you remember the exact answer you prepared last night. You can also compose yourself mentally by using this short span of silence.

Break the silence

You can break the silence if you feel like pressure is building inside you. You may often find yourself in a situation where your interviewer is taking advantage of silence to take you off guard mentally. In this scenario, you need to get a hold of yourself by psychologically tackling your nervousness. It is natural to be nervous in an interview and your interviewer very much knows it as well!
One way of beating the interviewer at his own game is by simply breaking the silence. You can do that by throwing few questions at your potentially new boss. You can ask questions such as, “I would be happy to share more information about myself with you; I can tell you more about my experience and my expertise if you like me to?

This might actually startle your opponent off guard!

Avoid fillers in Interview Silence

You should avoid using ah, um, uh, and other speech-fillers to fill-up interview silence; using these can register a bad impression with your interviewer.

Utilize silence at the end

The silence at the very end of interview can be favorable to you. Let it be fruitful for you by asking few questions related to the overall session like, “I am really enthusiastic and excited to take this position. Do you think I can be a good fit for this position?”

But listen chap, you don’t need to spoil your overall impression by asking direct questions. Utilizing these moments of silence to ask unnecessary or nonessential questions might annoy your soon-to-be boss.

Offer humble gratitude utilizing silence

The offering of thanks for this consideration and an appreciation tone is another elixir to offer in moments of silence. So take this opportunity to show mannerism to your interviewer.

Compose body language in moments of silence

Within the silence of few seconds, if it is at the start of the interview, an interviewee can use it to manage his body language. Body language also serves as a powerful tool that can have an impact on the interviewer. So let the pace of your body settle.

Silence is not always bad

If you think silence is always bad, you are mistaken. It can be a powerful defender for you if you play your cards right.

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