May 26, 2021

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Online typing & 11 other simple jobs 4 your home office

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Working from home: The 12 best jobs for home

Working from home is an attractive way to earn money for many. Home based jobs are now also very popular in the USA, especially as a side income. If you want to increase your income or even earn a living from home, we present twelve professions that can easily be relocated to the home office. Regardless of whether it is a part-time job or a main source of income, you should understand yourself sufficiently beforehand about the various options for working from home in order to avoid possible stumbling later on.

All the online jobs mentioned on this page can be found via different portals. Listed below are few of them,




UpWork [don’t waste your time, this site is a sophisticated scam]

Freelancer [Scam Alert!]









First of all, you have to choose between a home office job and online home jobs. The main difference is that in the classic home office job, you are employed by a specific employer or a company. This means that employer is allowing you, the employee to do their work from home instead of in the office.

Online Home work, however:
Is self-employed
Is done for many different client
Allows a lot of freedom

Also, selling your services online is different than selling products online. If working from home is based on profit intent and for a regular income stream by selling some merchandise, then it is advisable to acquire a trade license for small business owners. In case of doubt, you should consult a tax advisor when deciding for or against the trade license for your home business.

Home jobs with work experience

Pretty much anyone can do online jobs. However, specific prior knowledge is required for some professional fields. Because even if many of the jobs can be done easily online, additional technical knowledge is required for these professions.

Copywriter and simple typing jobs

As the name suggests, copywriters write texts. As a homework copywriter, you mainly write advertising copy for one or sometimes several clients. For this task you should definitely bring the following to the table:
a talent for research
good writing

Basic knowledge in the area of search engine optimization is also often required. Because SEO and search engine-optimized writing are extremely important in advertising. Appropriate training in writing, for example through an internship or professional experience in this field will definitely help you here. We are also happy to issue copywriting assignments to journalists or freelance authors.

If you want to earn your living as a copywriter working from home, it is worth looking for clients in corresponding copywriting or content selling sites or, under certain circumstances, asking directly at publishing or media companies. The former is suited especially for young professionals, because such exchanges offer a great first network platform for attracting potential long-term customers.

The merit of a copywriter, like almost every home-based job, is very different. Most clients pay cents per word, which means: the more you write, the higher the fee.


As a translator, you type documents from one language to another. You can decide what kind of job you want to do e.g. literature, subtitles, etc. In order to work as a translator from home, you must have a command of the language to be translated. It goes without saying that evidence or references are often required here to prove what linguistically one can do. A degree or training as a translator is not a must requirement, but it is an important criterion for some potential clients.

Similar to a copywriter, you are paid either in cents per word or per line. The fee also depends on the language you are translating. More unusual languages from the Asian and Arabic regions are particularly in demand and well paid for. In addition to sites specifically for translators, many translation jobs are also available via different job portals.


Editors read and evaluate texts in different depths. A proofreader, on the other hand, checks the spelling and grammar. But not everyone who has for example proofread a fellow student’s term paper can start doing this work from home.
Some common requirements for earning money working as a home proofreader are:
A degree
Good general education
In-depth knowledge of the language

If a major editing is desired, then you should also be very familiar with the topic dealt with in the text.
The whole thing is rewarded for each standard page read. This is calculated by dividing the total number of characters by 1800. However, the fee per standard page varies here.

Programmer or software developer

Programmers and software developers are also popular jobs for home workers. The tasks of a programmer are the implementation of apps, software, or websites. Distinction is made between:

Front-end developer
Back-end developer

As a front-end developer, you take care of everything that can be perceived as a user of a website or software. The back-end developer is more concerned with what is behind the respective product and has the main task of developing databases and systems.

Since there is a large number of freelance front and back-end developers, it can be important, in addition to training as an IT specialist or studying IT, to set yourself apart from the mostly international and cheaper competition with a unique selling point. Unique selling points can be:

Programming language
Legal knowledge
Mastery of different programming languages

The hourly rate for a developer working from home is on average around 80 US dollars, which is quite high compared to previous home office jobs.

Graphic designer and media

Graphic designers take care of graphics, advertising, and communication in media. In this job too, you can work from home without any problems. Appropriate training as a media designer or is also only an advantage here.

An hourly rate of 50 to 70 dollars is quite realistic for a graphic designer. Depending on professional experience, this can also be higher. A corresponding online portfolio can also convince potential clients. Web design tasks can also be performed by graphic designers, but programmers regularly take care of such jobs.

Virtual secretary or virtual assistant

Secretaries or assistants are often an important part of office management. Thanks to the internet, they don’t have to do their tasks in the office. Virtual secretaries and assistants take on typical secretarial and, in the case of the assistant, also bookkeeping tasks from home. Potential employers who need support in matters of (office) management are:
Communication with other businesses
Self-related tasks
Arranging meetings
Answering calls

Since there is also quite a lot of competition here, professional experience and appropriate specialist knowledge are essential. These can be achieved, for example, through commercial training. Unfortunately, the number of activities is often limited to telephony.

If you have no problem with that, you can earn a fixed hourly rate by working as a virtual secretary or assistant from home.

Call center agent or account manager

Call center agents and home-based account managers act as contact persons for their clients. They accept orders and complaints or provide technical support over the phone. A good accent is therefore an important part of your own profile. Above all, many companies are looking for multilingual customer advisors who, in the best-case scenario, have an education in the respective specialist area or professional experience in a call center.

The payment is different. You can either get paid according to the number of hours worked or the number of sales (in the form of a commission or bonus.)

However, caution is advised here, because there are also some black sheep romping about among the thoroughly serious offers for home work as customer advisors. It is best to find out about the client beforehand or search for jobs via reputable job portals.

Home-based jobs for beginners without prior knowledge/experience
Making money from home is actually pretty easy. For example, you can easily sell your own products such as photos or transcripts from your studies, online. You can also quickly get rid of used items for cash via relevant portals like eBay. But it becomes difficult when there is nothing left to sell and you still need money 🙂

Test products

An experienced product tester can earn up to 3000 dollars per month. No wonder that more and more people want to earn a little extra through product tests. Usually you get an hourly wage from a company for testing a product, but the fee often consists of vouchers or you can simply keep the tested product at the end. But regardless of whether it is a voucher or cash – a product tester is a good entry-level job for someone who likes to work from home.

Clearly definable target groups are particularly in demand for product tests, e.g. Students or housewives. If you are interested in working from home as a product tester, it is best to register online with the relevant portals or contact the company directly. There you will also find the relevant information on the process of product tests and the respective remuneration.

Another special form of product test is the testing of the usability of websites, apps, games and software. Such offers are also often found in portals for product tests or in job exchanges.

Fill out surveys

Completing surveys can also be a good extra income. Basically, this form is comparable to the work of product testers, only that you receive money or vouchers for completing surveys.
The first point of contact here are special survey portals or market research portals. According to their own information, they regularly receive surveys that you have to answer by e-mail or in the app.

Depending on the portal, the fee as well as the frequency and scope of the surveys that you receive differ.

Process or collect data (data entry jobs)

Those who like to type things out on the computer or enter them into a database should try their hand at home work as a data processor. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

The typing speed is particularly important, as data gatherers are usually paid per order. So, the more you can type in a very short time, the more you can earn here.

Social media

It’s no longer a secret that social media can also be a profession. Especially as a Youtuber and blogger, you can make a living with the help of advertising and affiliate marketing. Provided, of course, that you have the appropriate number of followers, because that’s the only way to make money

Nevertheless, there is a lot of work behind social media as a home office job. Because in addition to the regular creation of content, you also have to manage everything yourself and always stay up to date with the latest trends in the online industry. Not an easy task considering how fast the online industry changes. The preparatory work that you have to do in order to be successful in the field of social media and perhaps even to make a living from it should definitely not be ignored.

Child care and tutoring

Last but not least, the absolute classics when it comes to home-based work is childcare and tutoring. You may have to provide relevant evidence here as well, but the job is not very demanding.

Especially for prospective teachers, the tutoring provides a mutual benefit, as you benefit not only financially but also in terms of teaching experience. And looking after children is also a rewarding task that many parents are sure to enjoy. You can often find Ads in the daily newspaper or on the university’s bulletin board or online.

Advantages and disadvantages of working from home

Working from home or working from home is a quick and easy way to earn money. Since you save yourself the journey to an office, it is also a very convenient alternative for many employees who would otherwise have to make long commutes. Nevertheless, there are a few things to consider when working in the home office.

When looking for a home job, particular attention must be paid to the seriousness of the job provider, because many black sheep are hiding online, whose offers are usually very attractive with fast and a lot of money but in reality, the scam people. It is recommended to look for online jobs on appropriately reputable portals and job sites. Here you will not only find what you are looking for, but you can also be sure that everything is going to be well, from start of the job to the end. It should also be noted that working from home requires a lot of self-organization.

Procrastination and interruptions to one’s own work by roommates or the like are rather counterproductive. Another point of criticism is long-term planning. Because working from home is extremely convenient and flexible, but also prone to failure if, for example, too few jobs/orders come in and you suddenly have to wonder how you will pay the rent. So, before you jump into a home office job, you should be aware of these things. A pro and con list may help with the decision. In general, working from home is a model that grows as you work. Because the longer and more intensively you do it, the higher the probability that you may even be able to make a comfortable living from it at some point.

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