(Last Updated On: 27/01/2018)

Typing is a popular way to make money. A typing is an easy and fun job for many people. A special advantage is that the work can often be done at any time and in any place. Commissions are given to authors through various platforms on which contractors and employers meet. If you want to work at your Home Office 🙂 you only need one computer and internet in your four walls. Jobs at home is particularly popular with parents, students, and women. But classically, there are also jobs in the field of typing, data entry, and simple writing, where employees are employed in an office.

Should you work at home or in an office?
The main advantage of working at home is that there is no travelling to work involved and this time you save can be better used in doing other things. In addition, many experts agree that numerous distractions in the traditional office life lead to an inefficient way of working.
The disadvantage of the working at home is that the contact/connection with colleagues is lost or not even created to begin with. However, many people simply cannot do [for various reasons] an office job, so they have no choice but to work from home.

Those who work at home and who are not employed by an employer, but do different jobs via multiple short-term contracts, have the advantage of a free time schedule. Depending on private circumstances and needs, the intensity of work can be adjusted accordingly.

Where can I find clients or employers?
The advantages of networks in which the contractors can freely select their time and orders are recommended by a growing number of users. Few such providers are presented below:

Text Broker [dot com]
Signing up at “textbroker” is free both for the writers and content buyers. The service-provider acts as an intermediary between the contractor and the client. After registration, authors have to write a sample article, which is evaluated by the editorial staff.
Note: you will find article writing jobs at this website.
After you submit the test article, the result of this then gives you a quality rating that is between two and five stars. It can be improved by successfully processing orders. Depending on the evaluation, the orders are remunerated accordingly.

UpWork [dot com]
Registration at UpWork is free of charge. There is no quality rating by the platform, only the buyers evaluate employees for the work they submit. For each completed job, freelancers get one rating from the buyer. Here, you will find all kinds of online typing jobs. There are literally 100’s of job categories. As with other platforms, the remuneration depends on the quality of work you do. A special feature is that freelancers can upgrade their account, which enables them to apply for more jobs.

Freelancer [dot com]
The platform Freelancer, like the other platforms, has a rating system for classifying the quality, which in turn influences payment. There are different levels of evaluation. The typing, data-entry, writing, or any other job that you do, it is evaluated by the contractor and partly by the platform itself. Minimum withdrawal limit is $30; freelancers can even withdraw their earnings daily.

Clickworkers [dot com]
In contrast to other platforms, freelancers have to complete a so-called “basic qualifications” test before they can start doing any jobs. The qualifications are then selected, which determines the number of orders the freelancers can apply for. After completing each qualification tests, the author gets a percentage rating. The orders that have been processed are also evaluated and have an impact on the overall assessment, which in turn affects remuneration.

Mylittlejob [dot com]
Mylittlejob is a network that is open exclusively to students. To ensure this, the personal e-mail address of the university must be used when registering. After registration, a test must be completed with general questions which will allow your basic classification. Orders can then be processed, which in turn are evaluated by customers. A rating between one and five stars is given for each project. The money is collected in your online account and can be transferred at any time when you want. The orders consist mostly of writing work, but also of translations, programming, typing, data entry, and many other types of jobs.