September 17, 2021

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How to upgrade or downgrade PTCL internet package?

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How can I upgrade or downgrade a PTCL DSL broadband internet connection, or package?


Call PTCL customer support center; use the landline phone number that you are using for your PTCL DSL connection. PTCL support center number is 1236.

A customer care, or support person will attend your call. Tell him or her that you are using PTCL broadband internet on this number [from which you are calling] and that you wish to upgrade or downgrade your internet speed. The support person will then guide you through the whole process, which by the way is not all that complicated. This process is simple and fast, but I cannot tell you about what exactly they will ask you or how much time it will take to complete your request. This is because PTCL can change their policy about how they handle requests for modification in internet packages over phone support.

PTCL makes the changes quickly!

I personally have made upgrade requests at least three times, the last of which completed in quickest time [within few hours.] When I last requested for an upgrade, PTCL support did not ask me any specific questions; they just told me to wait for 24 hours during which they will upgrade my connection. They upgraded it within few hours.

In one of my previous requests, PTCL support person told me to wait for a confirmation call from PTCL within 2 days after I submitted my request. The idea, I think, was that PTCL would call on my number to verify that the homeowner who registered the PTCL phone number agrees to this upgrade or downgrade request. After all, the homeowner is the one who pays the bill. If PTCL upgrades a package without the homeowner consent, then that isn’t good for business. If a kid calls PTCL and asks them to upgrade the package from 2Mb to 100Mb, then when the kid’s father reads the bill, he certainly would be shocked and angry if the kid made this call without asking for permission from his parents.

In how many days will PTCL change your package?

When I requested to change my package from 2Mb to 4Mb, they told me that it would take up to 7 days to implement this upgrade. However, within 24 hours my internet connection package was changed.

Another request I made was to upgrade my connection from 4Mb to 8Mb; this request was processed within few hours.

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