March 21, 2021

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What is the Purpose of a Job Interview? | Career Thoughts

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What is the Purpose of a Job Interview?

If you have been selected for a  job interview, that means that the employer wants to hear you present your qualifications that make you the best person for their job.

You will need to be prepared to address your skills, abilities, experiences, and personality very effectively and persuasively.

You can stand out from other candidates by being able to articulate your qualifications well while sharing with the employer what you have to offer their company, organization, or agency.

At a Job Interview, You Should

  • Greet the employer with a firm handshake and by looking him/her in the eye.
  • Be enthusiastic…. smile!
  • Call the employer by his/her last name and address them properly: Dr. Ms. or Mr.
  • Wait to be seated until you are invited to do so.
  • Recognize that most interviewers will begin with small talk such as how your trip to the interview was and/or the weather, etc. Even if you had the most horrendous travel experience, remain positive and upbeat in your descriptions. Let the interviewer make the transition from small talk to the formal interview questions.

Recognize the importance of the interview in your success for landing the job! First impressions are nearly impossible to reverse, so go in making a powerful statement with the professional manner in which you are dressed and the way in which you introduce yourself.

The image you present communicates what you think of yourself and how you feel about the interviewers, the business or organization, and the interviewing process itself.

During the interview the employer will be assessing you in the following areas:

  • Your ability to do the job – can you apply your education, experience, and training, to their workplace.
  • Your work ethic– what motivates you to take initiative and work hard; how have you demonstrated leadership capabilities.
  • Your ability to fit with their organization – how well do you work with other as a team

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