September 17, 2021

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What You Should Do After an Interview

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Yeah, you finished  your job interview and now it is time to relax, sleep, and wait? Not quite… We will tell you what you should do after an interview and when it’s time to contact the company if you have not received a feedback.

1. Analysis after the interview
2. Say thanks for the interview
3. Further selection rounds
4. What to do if it did not work out?

The analysis after the discussion
If you have the interview behind you, it’s time to first breathe and remain claim. Nevertheless, it is useful to carry out a quick analysis of the interview. In doing so, on the one hand, it is a question of evaluating your own performance, as well as looking at the performance of the company. The following questions can help you improve yourself and analyze the attractiveness of the job and the company for you.

Judging your own performance
On what questions should I prepare myself better next time?
Were there any suggestions for improvement to my application documents?
Has the company convinced me as an employer?
Can I manage to work there for the next few years?
Have I informed myself well enough about the job and the company?
Are the tasks and the responsibilities interesting and am I encouraged in my development?
Was my self-presentation good and convincing?
Have my questions been answered or are I still missing important information?
What should I ask in an interview the next time?
Am I satisfied with the basic conditions like working time, salary, leave, other benefits, and career opportunities?

In addition, you can consider whether your outfit was appropriate for the job and the industry (media, IT, law, finance.) Also, you should review your social behavior (small talk, courtesy, friendliness, attention.)

Ask for the interview
If you have come to the conclusion that you would be quite safe and happy with the company, then you can send a short thank-you to the direct-contact person by email one day after the interview.

Example of a thank you note:

Dear [Name of contact person] / Dear Mr. [Name of contact person],
I would like to thank you for the friendly conversation as a [title of the free position].

Your position as well as the culture of your company are very important to me, so I would be delighted to support your team/department/company.

Best regards
[Your name]

This sending of a thank-you note is not yet very common in practice. Nevertheless, you have nothing to lose and this clearly shows your interest in the place, which is always positive. In any case, you should send your email to the person’s work address instead of sending it to a general address [like someone at gmail dot com.]

In most cases, you will be informed directly when you receive a confirmation. The deadline is usually one to two weeks after the application. Only contact the company, if this date has elapsed and that you have not received a confirmation; otherwise it will very quickly become obtrusive. Especially in large companies, the decision-making process can often be longer. In addition, several candidates are often invited to the interview, so the selection process always takes a certain amount of time.

If the deadline has elapsed, you should inquire personally; preferably by phone and talk to the direct-contact person. And even if no confirmation time-period was agreed upon, you can inquire politely about the state of the selection process one week after the interview.
Further selection rounds after the interview
For important positions in the company, like for trainee programs and leadership positions, there may be several rounds of selection. After the interview, a second interview may follow or perhaps you will be invited to an assessment center process. If you are invited to do so, you have made it into the second round.

With the help of an assessment center, the employer wants to find out about the soft skills of the applicants. This is about things like communicative skills, teamwork, analytical thinking, time management, and presentation skills. It is a common selection procedure, especially for larger companies, where you have to solve different tasks on your own or together with other applicants. An assessment center process can take one to two days to complete and you will usually receive a feedback and the status of your application directly afterwards.

What to do if it did not work out?

If after the interview you get a rejection notification, you should not take it personally. Because it is simply a matter of luck for every applicant. It is important to evaluate unsuccessful discussions as an important experience. In some cases, the company can provide the reasons for the rejection. However, one cannot expect an honest answer here. The companies response to such inquiries are mostly “politically correct.”

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