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Five Things You Should Definitely Do Before A Job Interview

So your resume and cover letter have passed the acid test and you’re over the first hurdle – you’ve just been granted an interview.

Fantastic news – but now is not a time to rest on your laurels. In fact, it’s time to up your game. Now that you’ve landed an interview, the opportunity is there to really separate yourself from the competition.

Just remember this; an interview is all about preparation, preparation and more preparation. Yes, fail to prepare and prepare to fail and all that jazz.

But what should you be preparing exactly – this is all a bit vague so far, isn’t it? Well, you came to the right place. Here, for your employment requirements, are five things you should definitely do before a job interview.

Plan your responses

Even if you are a bit of a divvy, you’ll probably be able to anticipate the types of questions that you’re likely to face at an interview. You know the sort; “Why do you want to work for us?”, “Why should we employ you?”, “Do you make a good cup of coffee?” and so forth. The key is to have all of your responses primed for these probable questions so that you can avoid any unnecessary stalling.

What is the best technique for being able to recall these responses? Re-citing them over and over again – out loud. Better still, get someone to act as the interviewer (yes, your Mum will do) and get them to prompt questions that are likely to crop up in the real thing.

Understand the company

There’s nothing worse than going into an interview knowing next to nothing about the company you want to work for. Remember, it ain’t all about the job title – your awareness of the company’s brand is just as important.

Look at their website, read all the boring stuff about how and when they were founded. Additionally, Google the company’s name and see what comes up. Perhaps you’ll discover some recent news articles that demonstrate how the business is being perceived in the local or national press.

Oh, and now you have all this inside information, be sure to make the employer aware of it during your interview!

Have your own questions

As much as a job interview is about an employer asking you questions, this is also the ideal opportunity for you to interview the company. You may suit their profile, but do they suit yours?

Prepare questions that will help reassure you that this is the right position for you. You know, all the important stuff like “How much will I get paid?” and “How many holidays do I get?”. Ok, maybe not those – at least not as bluntly.

Questions to ask in a job interview

Prepare something to leave them with

A job interview is all about leaving a lasting impression. Bringing yourself along to the allotted location at the right time is expected, but another way to catch the employer’s attention is to hand them something they can take away.

For instance, a personal business card, a printed reference or examples of your previous work (providing it’s scalable to a piece of paper).

Dress smart

No matter what position or job title you’re looking to secure, dressing smart and looking dapper goes a long way to getting on the employer’s good side. Even if the role may not require a smart dress code – going that extra mile will signal that you mean business to the interviewer.

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