March 21, 2021

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12 Reasons Why You Should Use ZipRecruiter to Post Your Jobs Online

Let’s face it, posting a job online can be a big risk. Most job boards either charge a ton of money to post a job, or they require you to spend hours of your valuable time sifting through hundreds of resumes. The cost to business owners and hiring managers is huge, both in terms of time and money. Your time and money are your biggest assets, and it’s your job to make sure that you manage both as well as you possibly can. ZipRecruiter is designed to help you do that.

1. Post to All the Top Job Boards at Once

ZipRecruiter is designed to help you get your job postings in front of as many qualified people as possible. Through a single form, you can post your job listings to more than 40 of the world’s top job boards including Indeed, Simply Hired, Monster, CraigsList, LinkedIn, GlassDoor, and more — all at once.

2. Reach Millions Through Job Alerts

Millions of people have signed up to receive email notifications when new jobs are posted through ZipRecruiter, and they will notify qualified applicants about your posting on your behalf.

3. Custom Application Questions

If you’ve posted on Craiglist before, you know that the biggest problem is how your inbox gets completely overwhelmed with resumes when you post a new job. Sifting through all of those resumes takes a ton of your time. Thankfully, ZipRecruiter has come up with some ways to help with that. Custom application questions is one of those.

On ZipRecruiter, you can require that all applicants answer a series of brief questions. You can then use their answers to either qualify or disqualify the candidates from further consideration. Free-form, multiple choice, and yes/no questions are all available.

Setting up your questions takes only a few minutes, but the amount of time saved can be huge.

4. Resume Scoring

At this point, you’re probably saying to yourself, “lots of applicants are great, but I don’t have time to read hundreds of resumes.” That’s a very valid concern, and it’s definitely one of the downsides of most large job boards. Thankfully, ZipRecruiter has developed some really helpful tools that help you identify the most qualified applicants (without spending a ton of your time reading through unqualified resumes).

ZipRecruiter has partnered with to create a product that will help evaluate your applicants for you. They analyze each resume or application that you receive, and use the information that they find to determine if the candidate would make a good fit for the position. Of course, there’s no substitute for reading the resume yourself, and it would probably be very unwise to make a hiring decision based only on their recommendations. However, this feature will save you a ton of time by removing completely unqualified applicants from the pool.

5. Add a Jobs Page to Your Website

Posting your jobs to the top job boards is nice, but what’s even nicer is the ability to easily show your jobs on your own site. After all, aren’t the people who are most familiar with your business often the best applicants?

With ZipRecruiter, adding your jobs to your site couldn’t be easier. Simply copy and paste a little snippet of code, and every job you post will be instantly displayed on your your website. And best of all, absolutely no coding is required.

6. Support (from real people)

With most sites, getting support is just about impossible (unless you’re one of the big guys with huge hiring budgets). At ZipRecruiter, you can reach out to their support team for help at anytime. If you’re struggling to get the right applicants or you have a question about their system or process, they will help you out. In our experience, this level of service is rare, and it’s one of the things that really helps ZipRecruiter stand out among the rest.

7. Unlimited Users

If you use much software in your business, you know that most companies have this annoying tendency to make you pay for each user you want to add to your account. ZipRecruiter doesn’t do that. There is no additional charge for adding new users to your account, so you can give access to as many of your employees as you like.

8. Custom Branding

With ZipRecruiter, you can add your own custom branding to your job postings. Want to add your company logo? No problem. A photo of your store or restaurant? Again, no problem. ZipRecruiter gives you complete control over how your posting will look, enabling you to maintain consistent branding and messaging.

9. Applicant Tracking

You can collaborate with other key members of your organization to rate, filter, and organize every applicant that you receive. This is a critical component of any hiring product, as hiring is rarely an individual decision. ZipRecruiter’s system makes it easy to make a decision with the people who matter the most.

10. Free Trial

ZipRecruiter offers a free trial for all new employer accounts. This trial typically lasts five days, and allows you to post up to three jobs for free. This is a great risk-free way to try out their service. If you are happy with the results that you receive, you can decide to extend your plan and start paying for it.

11. Reasonable Pricing

ZipRecruiter offers a very reasonable pricing model. Monthly plans start at $59 per month, and go up from there depending on how many jobs you need to fill each month. You don’t need to pay for each individual job posting, which can save you a whole lot of money.

12. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

A lot of companies guarantee 100% satisfaction, but ZipRecruiter really means it. If you aren’t happy with their product or service, they are willing to provide a money back guarantee.

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